Best projectors for watching sports

Best projectors for watching sports

Finding the best projector for watching sports is not an easy task you have to spend several hours checking the list of high-ranked projectors. We have to describe the qualities and features that should be considered while purchasing the new sports projector. The research report said that the best projector must have motion handling and … Read more

Best projectors for XBOX 360

Best projector for xbox 360

A projector used for gaming purposes provides you with an excellent experience. You can play your favorite game on 50 inches screen instead of a phone, tab, or laptop. Playing world games on a projector is a mind-blowing experience. Every projector is designed to have new technologies, features, and displays so that we can get … Read more

What happens when the projector overheats?

What happens when the projector overheats

Overheating is the major problem faced by 98% of projectors. Because of this overheating the lamp of projector fails to work properly. This is the basic problem found in nearly all projectors. It happens in every brand, quality, and type. Projectors use different kinds of lamps, bulbs, and lasers that produce a certain amount of … Read more

How to install a retractable projector screen?

How to install a retractable projector screen 2

A retractable projector screen is a screen that is used to maximize the image and solve the problem of buffering. If you are facing the problem of buffing on your home theatre or you want to play video games on a large screen, a retractable projector screen is the only solution. Retractable projector screens are … Read more

How Much Does Projection Mapping Cost?

How Much Does Projection Mapping Cost

Projection mapping is a process like a video mapping that works with the projection technology used to turn objects irregularly shaped into the display surfaces for video projection. The objects used for the industrial landscapes. It is an interesting technique. If you are interested in knowing how much does projection mapping costs, then the projection … Read more