Best gobo projector for weddings

In this article, we’ll discuss different gobo projectors based on their feature. So you’ll be able to draw your conclusion to determine the best gobo projector for weddings.

The word GOBO is the abbreviation of “goes between optics”. It could be defined as some sort of device based on steel or glass fixed inside the projector. This component allows the projector to display text or images through the projected light.

If you’re a social person attending different functions or parties, you must have heard the name of GOBO projectors, especially if you have attended any wedding.

The gobo projectors are mostly used to project a certain logo on the walls or floors in any wedding or various other events. So there is plenty of chance that you must have seen a gobo projector at an event.

Like I mentioned earlier we’ll discuss different gobo projectors based on their feature. So you’ll be able to draw your conclusion to determine the best gobo projector for weddings. But before that let us discuss a few things.

What’s exactly a gobo projector

The gobo projector is the abbreviation of “goes between optics”. So it’s a sort of projector equipped with a piece of glass used to project certain images. By placing the image on the glass the image would be displayed on the wall, screen, or floor.

Is it possible to make your very own Gobo projector?

Yes! You can make your very own Gobo projector at home by following some practical steps. Although I won’t recommend that because this could also be a tricky one for you as well. 

Due to this different pre-built gobo projectors are available to use. Now where to get the pre-built gobo projectors for any wedding event?

Well of course you could get one from amazon straight away. The best thing about these pre-built gobo projectors is that “it has tons of options available for customization you can choose from”.

Buying guide for the best gobo projector for weddings

You can’t purchase anything until you aren’t aware of the requirements. This case even varies in selecting the best gobo projector for weddings.

So in this section, we’ll discuss a few things that you must be aware of before buying a gobo projector for weddings.

1. The brightness of the gobo projectors

Now keep in mind that this is a very important point you need to remember. As it’s directly linked to where the gobo projector is going to be placed.

For instance, a low-cost gobo projector under your budget having less brightness could be useful if a wedding or any other event is happening inside a room. 

Anyhow, for an outdoor event, you just need a gobo projector with high lumens to tackle the fading coming from sunlight in a broad daylight.

2. Types of gobo projectors

You could find two types of gobo projectors online via Amazon

A. Glass gobo projector

It’s known as one of the advanced type gobo projectors that comes with colored projected images and icons functionality. Due to this most of the users prefer it for their wedding events.

B. Steel gobo projector

The steel gobo projectors are very basic monochrome projectors that can only project the images in black and white. On the other hand, the lifespan of this projector is also relatively short as compared to other projectors.

Top 5 best gobo projectors for weddings

In this section, we’ve displayed some of the best gobo projectors for weddings. So based on the overall topic you could select the one that suits your needs. However, the listed projectors could also be connected to the TV antenna as well.






CHAUVET DJ EZ GOBO wedding projector

Editor's choice


ADJ PINPOINT GOBO Color projector 


Hiliting LED logo GOBO projector 


INSTAGOBO 15W LED Gobo projector 

1. CHAUVET DJ EZ GOBO wedding projector (Mountless installation)

CHAUVET DJ EZ GOBO wedding projector

The Chauvet DJ EZ Gobo projectors unlike other projectors are especially known for weddings. Based on its name you could understand that it’s specially designed for the DJs to light up the dance floor.


Zoom Angle 16 to 31-degrees
Illuminance (160) 669 lux @ 2m

(310) 207 lux @ 2m

Recharge Time 4 hours
PWM Frequency 1.7 kHz
Gobo Size 25.8 mm outside, 18.6 mm image, 0.2 mm max thickness
Light Source 1 LED (cool white) 10 W, (1.4 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
Weight 2.2 lb (1 kg)
Gobos 10 (metal), interchangeable
Maximum Run Time Up to 5 hours

More importantly, it could pump up the party with the help of some great lighting of the club and the stage. Similarly, this projector could also be ideal for weddings or any other gathering events indoor or outdoor.

Easy to install

The most amazing feature of this LED gobo projector is that “It’s easy to install”. As it comes with strong magnets could be found in the base of this Gobo projector. Therefore you won’t have to hassle with screwing and mounting the projector in the wall without drilling

You could just stick this Gobo projector to a metal surface in no time. After that just sit straight and… chill out!. As the projector would start its job without any delay.

Built-in battery

This projector also offers a built-in pack that could be recharged after or during the wedding event without facing any problems.


Based on the feature such as Easy to install and built-in battery. It’ll be fair to say that “it’s an ideal portable gobo projector for weddings”. Furthermore, due to its wire-free use, an option to place it anywhere concretes our claim.

Ideal for small rooms or larger halls

Due to the manual zoom option, you could even enlarge the projected images in no time. So you could use the zoom in and zoom out option on the same device. This makes it an ideal Gobo projector for both the small rooms and larger halls.

Final Thought!

Unlike other projectors it’ll be fair to say that it’s made purely for wedding events; as you can see it offers a mountless installation you would hardly ever find in other projectors.

  • Manual zoom option Option to use your custom themes Mountless installation Pre-installed themes for weddings Built-in battery pack to make it portable
  • Relatively small gobos projections Average brightness

2. ADJ PINPOINT GOBO Color projector (Comes with Frost filter)

ADJ PINPOINT GOBO Color projecto

The ADJ is known worldwide for its quality gobo projectors. In this section, we’ll discuss the new launch product of ADJ having an awesome response. Especially due to its brilliant customer service.


Battery Rechargeable
Brightness 10W RGBA 4-in-1 LED Pinspot
Beam 17-33 degree variable beam
LED lifespan 50,000 hours
Design Compact high-tech metal case
Light output 431 LUX @2M; 110.8 LUX @4M (15-degree beam)
Weight 3 lbs (1.1 kgs)
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions 9.75’’ x 4’’ x 2.75’’ (L x W x H)


The brightness of this Gobo projector is quite remarkable and powered by a 10W (4 in 1 LED) light projector. This makes it the best gobo projector for weddings.

Hassle-free installation

Due to the magnet built into its base the installation of this Gobo projector become hassle-free. On the other hand, it also supports X-clip mount drop ceiling frame mounting.

Built-in Long-lasting battery

The ADJ Pinpoint Gobo projector also has a built-in powerful battery. This makes it perfectly portable which means “easy to carry”. So you can place this gobo projector anywhere in the wedding hall.

In case of a long wedding event, this gobo projector could be better off without getting a recharge. You’ll be amazed to know that it could last for at least 5 hours in the normal mode. But by switching to the energy-saving mode it could last for even 18 hours.

Final Thought!

There is no doubt that the ADJ projectors are very popular to use in different events such as weddings. As it offers quality brightness, hassle-free installation, and a built-in long-lasting battery.

Therefore when all of these features come together it could make every moment of your wedding glamorous. Although you’ll have to buy the UC IR remote for this gobo projector separately you’ll be delighted to know that it’s optional.

  • Frost filter available Built-in long-lasting battery 4 unique removable gobos Magnetic base X-clip frame mounting
  • You’ll have to purchase UC IR remote separately which is optional

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3. Hiliting LED logo GOBO projector (Purely for outdoor use)

Hiliting LED logo GOBO projector

The hiliting LED logo Gobo projector is a remarkable projector launched by the highlighting company. It got popular among the people very quickly due to some of the remarkable features displayed in this section.


Projection Range Up to 30ft in dark areas
Up to 20ft in dim areas
Up to 10ft in bright areas
Mode Static/Rotate
Remote control Available
Lumens 1800

Robust Design

The best thing that separates this gobo projector from others is its robust design. Therefore it won’t be fair if we won’t list this one among the best gobo projector for weddings.

If you’ll check out the body of this gobo projector. You’ll be surprised to see that it’s made up of an aluminum alloy metal shell making it reliable and durable that lacking in other projectors. 

Based on this the hiliting LED logo Gobo projector could work in both indoor and outdoor events.

Glass Gobo

Unlike other projectors, this projector is also equipped with a glass Gobo. This allows it to project even the most delicate and intricate designs.

Impressive image projection

The image projected by this gobo projector is also impressive as well. So you could even take it to small club parties, events, and weddings for enjoyment.

Made for especially outdoor

The efficient cooling system used to keep the projector cool and calm at all times is known as “IP65 resistance”. You could even use this projector outdoors without any worries of moisture or rain.

Easy to mount and set up

Another plus point of this gobo projector is that “it’s easy to mount and set up”. For instance, you could customize the settings according to your ease. By using the remote control that comes with it.

This allows you to rotate or standstill the projector. You could even turn the lights on or off through the click of the remote controller. By customizing the settings you could even make projected images more bright, vivid, and crisp.

All in one Gobo projector

Because of the tons of features difficult to find in a single gobo projector this gobo projector could be termed as all one Gobo projector.

Final Thought!

The features include in this Gobo projector are quite remarkable. Especially when it comes to the mounting and setting up this projector which is easy peasy.

On the other hand, the robust design and other specs difficult to find in other gobo projectors make it the all-in-one Gobo projector suitable for weddings.

  • Razor-sharp projections Waterproof design Strong lightb
  • Needs to be placed close to the location

4. INSTAGOBO 15W LED Gobo projector (Long lifespan)

INSTAGOBO 15W LED Gobo projector

This is an ideal gobo projector launch by InstaGobo offering outstanding quality. As it has a waterproof rating and the aluminum alloy used in this projector belongs to the environmental shell.


Effect Static
Remote Control Not available
Waterproof Only indoor use
Lumens 1600
Net Weight 1.7kg
Projection Range Bright 10ft
Dim 17ft
Dark 23ft

On the other hand features such as internal cooling technology, and heat pipe increases its service life.


The brightness of this Gobo projector is quite remarkable. As it comes with compact 15 watts LED that makes it suitable for any kind of outdoor events such as weddings or outdoor promotions.

LED chip Lifespan

As compared to the Chauvet Gobo projectors this projector offers a long sustainable LED chip having a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Therefore you could use it in lots of events without even spending a penny on the change of LED chip for a longer time. I hope after listening to this…you must chill out!  

High Quality

The quality of this projector is extraordinary due to its long-lasting life and high brightness. All of these factors come together making it the brightest gobo projector.

On the other hand, the plus point of this projector is that it won’t be down even after constant use under worse conditions. Such as places with high temperatures which isn’t possible while using other projectors. So you could use the InstaGobo projector for a long time without any hassle!

Supports both types of Gobos

Unlike other projectors, this projector could support both the still and glass type of Gobo plates. Now if this fact amuses you then get ready. What you’re going to know could turn your head upside down.

The company of InstaGobo projectors also offers custom-built multi-color plates. So you get a custom-built multi-color plate with an image that you want to be projected.

Final Thought!

Unlike other Gobo projectors, the InstaGobo projector offers lots of features. Especially the brightness of this gobo projector with a long-lasting compact 15 watts LED chip could make you stunned.   

On the other hand, this gobo projector not only offers both steel and glass gobo plates. But you could even get your very own custom-built multi-color plate with an image that you want to be projected. So you can’t only use it for weddings but other events such as outdoor promotions as well.

  • Heat resistant Crystal clear HD image projection Extra-long 30,000 hours lifespan
  • Comes with only one single color gobo A little more expensive than others

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How can you choose the best gobo projector for weddings?

There are at least two main factors that could contribute to this decision-making. Such as how much control you want over the gobos and the environment where you plan to use the projector.

In case you’re using the projector indoors under an accent light then you need a SUNY projector.

However, if you’re looking to customize the gobos or you need something bright enough for the outdoors then you need to spend a little more.

Therefore whatever your requirements all of these three models above are durable enough and have dependable options useful for several years.


After exploring the overall topic it’ll be fair to rank the CHAUVET DJ EZ GOBO wedding projector at the top. The main reason for this is its manual zoom and portability option.

Although the brightness of this projector is just an average one. Still, it’s not the worse + based on some of the core features. Therefore It’ll be fair to ignore this factor.

On the other hand, the ADJ PINPOINT GOBO Color projector could be placed in the second place due to reason that “you’ll have to purchase the UC IR remote separately” 

In the end, the hiliting LED logo Gobo projector could be ranked in second place. Because of a single reason that “to have high-quality results you’ll have to place the projector as much as possible”.