best portable projector for Nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console created by Nintendo. Seven out of ten people own one, with the remaining three waiting for it to be restocked.

The Nintendo Switch, believe it or not, sold out faster than your favorite item.

One primary reason would be the popularity of this hybrid between a home gaming console and a portable console.

Because of the same reason, there is a significant increase in demand for the best portable projector for Nintendo Switch. Also, check our article Best projector for gaming under 500.

It is safe to say that the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming devices in the world.

While there’s no denying its greatness, what gamer doesn’t wish for a bigger screen?

Connecting your Nintendo Switch to the TV is standard procedure. What about a bigger screen?

Projectors can display an enlarged, sharp image of your games. Projectors for PS4 consoles make gaming even more enjoyable.

Before listing the best portable projector for Nintendo Switch, let’s discuss the features one should know before buying an ideal projector.

Best portable  projector for Nintendo Switch-Buying Guide 2022

Obtaining a projector is not as simple as you may believe. You can easily buy a projector that meets your needs if you have the proper knowledge and understanding of the requirements.

A good projector should have a large display size, high resolution, and high brightness. This is a general buying guide for a portable Nintendo Switch projector.

While many projectors claim to be the best, the best portable projector for Nintendo Switch must meet the following criteria.


This is an absolute must. If you want to make the most of your Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a portable projector small enough to follow you around.

Carrying the Nintendo Switch does not require much space or stress, and its ideal portable projector should not require much space or stress.


A projector’s brightness is measured in lumens. The lumen varies depending on the type of projector.

Chargeable projectors and mini portable projectors have low lumens and are suitable for use in a dark room.

The brightness determines whether you can use it during the day or only in the dark.

If you want to play your Nintendo Switch outside in the daylight, you’ll need a projector with a minimum lumen rating of 3500.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is not the most important function in Nintendo Switch games. A high contrast ratio is a great idea, but without it, not much would change.

The cartoonish style of Nintendo Switch games does not necessitate a high contrast ratio. So, if the projector in your price range has a low contrast ratio, you can buy it without hesitation.

If the contrast ratio is poor, the refresh rate, response time, and resolution are all wasted. Because of its cartoonish graphic games, the Nintendo Switch provides relaxation.

This implies that a contrast ratio of 2000:1 would also work well without degrading image quality.

A rechargeable and portable projector can be used in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Throwing Range

The larger the displayed image of a projector, the further it is from the projection screen.

This means that if you have a small room, your images may be small. You won’t be able to keep the projector close enough to the screen to get a large image.

Fortunately, short-throw projectors are available to solve this issue. These projectors can produce large images from a short distance.

Connection Options

The projector you require should have multiple connectivity options. Laptops and consoles will have access to HDMI and VGA ports.

A USB port is also useful. Other games may be stored on external hard drives.

There are numerous connectivity options available. So, simply choose projectors that meet your requirements.

Excellent stereo system

The majority of projectors do not have an excellent sound system. This is because they were not designed to move.

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console that can be set up anywhere, so your portable projector should be able to produce great sound to complement the beautiful imagery it is producing.

The majority of portable projectors are designed to work with a Bluetooth sound system. However, our ideal projector should be able to provide high-quality audio on its own.

System for Noise Reduction and Cooling

Almost all projectors, regardless of price or quality, have a loud fan to keep the system cool. The cooling system is proportional to the amount of noise generated. As a result, a noise reduction system is required.

A high-quality projector has an advanced cooling system and a particularly effective noise dispersion mechanism. This reduces noise and provides an excellent audio and listening experience.


The quality of the graphics is determined by the resolution. Because a Nintendo Switch has a resolution of 720p, you should get a projector with nearly the same resolution.

You could find one on a lower budget as well, but it would have a lower resolution, such as 480p, which would result in disoriented and low-quality visuals. The better the visuals, the higher the resolution.

A 1080p projector is the best option for you. It would be ideal for the current Nintendo Switch as well as the next generation if 1080p is included.

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Positioning and Mounting

When it comes to projector placement, you have several options. You have the option of mounting it on the ceiling or placing it on a table or stand.

The ceiling mounting saves space, whereas the table or tripod mounting is more feasible and practical.

Extra cables and mounting brackets will be required for your projector. Along with the configuration, your projector placement and mounting play a role in producing high-quality and refined graphics.

Top 6 Best portable Projectors for Nintendo Switch in 2022






Optoma H190X Projector


ARTlii 4000




Epson 2100


Tkisko T01



Optoma H190X Projector


The Optoma H190X is an excellent value for a traditional Nintendo Switch projector. It has almost everything you need in a mid-range projector for gaming.

The brightness of the projector is one of H190X’s standout features. It has a high brightness of 3900 ANSI Lumens, which is bright enough for projections even during the day or in rooms with ambient light

Another advantage of the H190X is its high contrast ratio when compared to most projectors in its price range.

The H190X has a 30,000:1 ratio and a Rec. 709 color gamut for vivid, deep color reproduction.

Because Nintendo Switch games are designed to have bright, vibrant aesthetics, the H190X is an excellent companion. It has a 10W built-in speaker setup and can project up to 300′′ on a screen.

The Optoma H190X is a more ‘complete’ projector for both movies and gaming than its predecessor, the Optoma H184X.

The H190X has a higher contrast ratio and better brightness, making it a better value for Nintendo Switch projectors.

The H190X improved on an already impressive spec sheet, but because it is a newer and upgraded model, it has marginally better performance than the older H184X.

In addition, the H190X has a 40° vertical keystone correction and 1.1x zoom for simple installation. The projector also supports Full HD 3D, so if you’re looking for a 3D movie projector, this one will suffice.

The Optoma H190X offers a lot of features for the money. The resolution is on the low side, but it is still usable. Color accuracy and brightness are excellent, making up for the lack of resolution.

If that doesn’t bother you, the H190X is an excellent projector.

  • Brightness 3900 ANSI Lumens
  • 10W Built-in Speakers
  • 10W Built-in Speakers
  • Support for 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Not 1080p Resolution
  • No Smart Features

ARTlii 4000


This projector by ArtLii is the most visually appealing on this list. It is a portable LED projector that produces high-quality images.

The Artlii 4000 has a clear 1080p HD resolution. While it isn’t 4K, it is still very clear and bright. It has a 300 ANSI lumen and a 4000-lumen image brightness, making it ideal for use as a display.

It can project up to 250 inches and works best at a distance of 10 meters. The Artlii 4000 produces images with exceptional clarity and quality. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you can expect the most vivid and luminous display ever.

The Artlii 4000 has a keystone angle of +15 degrees. This is great because you can adjust the screen to fit your needs at any time. It also comes with a stand for adjusting its position.

It produces high-quality sound due to its fantastic HiFi stereo. This is ideal for gaming, parties, and home theatres.

This projector can be linked to your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, TV box, or any other media device.

The projector is highly compatible. It has two HDMI ports, one USB port, and one micro SD port for connectivity.

When it comes to great sound, the Artlii comes to mind. It is designed to be self-contained. SRS surround sound is provided by dual (w3) speakers.

It has a true HIFI Dolby stereo, so the sound matches the incredible visuals of the projector. Believe me, when you turn on the Artlii, the sound will be reduced. It’s extremely audible, clear, and crisp.

The cooling system on the Artlii 4000 is extremely efficient. Its fans are enormous and almost silent. You won’t hear it sigh occasionally as you use the projector.

  • good native resolution
  • cinematic images up to 200″ in size.
  • portable
  • high quality sound
  • Not handy while adjusting screen size



WOWOTO H10 Mini Projector is one of the best low-cost devices with advanced features.

The WOWOTO H10 has a better build and upgraded internals than the previous version, the WOWOTO H9.

The H10 can project brighter images and has faster performance thanks to upgraded RAM/ROM. When it comes to gaming, speed is everything, and the H10’s improved specs are up to the task.

The H10 has better overall performance, which helps to smooth out the process of playing Nintendo Switch games or streaming.

The 4500-lumen capability and 4K 1080 resolution deliver outstanding results in the form of crisp, bright images.

It supports 3D effects and 2D to 3D conversions, providing you with a full theatre experience in the comfort of your own home.

The large 200-inch screen enhances the experience. It has both an HDMI connection and a wireless WiFi connection, making it easy to connect.

This means you won’t be tethered to the wire connecting your device and the projector. Because of its lightweight and compact dimensions, the projector is easy to move around and handle computing due to its portability.

It has an advanced heat removal system that keeps it cool while producing the least amount of noise. The Bluetooth option allows for more connectivity. This projector is suitable for both Nintendo gaming and movie nights.

  • light weight
  • bright & sharp graphics
  • not brighter in day light

Epson 2100


The Epson Home 2100 delivers excellent sound and image quality. It is adaptable and simple to set up.

It has features that make it ideal for projecting games.

This projector can be adjusted to work in a variety of lighting conditions. If your gaming room has poor lighting control, the Epson 2100 is bright enough to compensate.

When it comes to connectivity, this projector excels. It has two HDMI ports for connecting your Nintendo Switch.

The native resolution of the Epson 2100 projector is 1080p. It has a brightness of 2500 lumens as well.

2100 includes a mono speaker that is loud enough for your living room, media room or dedicated home theatre.

Because it’s a small speaker, the sound is bound to be “tinny,” and its handling of bass frequencies leaves something to be desired. So, do yourself a favor and connect this puppy to some good speakers.

  • good image quality
  • high contrast ratio
  • powerful speaker
  • not very portable

Tkisko T01


The Tkisko T01 is one of the best Nintendo Switch projectors. This mini projector packs a punch, and while it is more expensive than most projectors, it provides enough value to justify the cost.

It has a native 1080p resolution and can accept 4K inputs. This is ideal for a sharp and clear Nintendo Switch image as well as smooth graphics while playing games.

It has a brightness of 400 ANSI Lumens, which is slightly lower than the other projectors on the list. For an optimal viewing experience, you’ll need to adjust your surroundings to ensure as little ambient light as possible.

The Tkisko To1 also has several wired and wireless connectivity options. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for audio output and input, you can wirelessly mirror content.

In comparison to another projector in the same price range, the ONOAYO AYO1, the Tkisko T01 is a step up, with improved brightness and contrast ratio for true-to-life projections.

The T01 also has 50° 4D Vertical/Horizontal Keystone Correction, a dust-proof design, and dual 5W Hi-Fi speakers.

On the downside, I wouldn’t expect much from the sound quality and would recommend connecting an external sound system, but it will do the job.

In general, the Tkisko T01 has a lot to offer Nintendo Switch owners. It’s on the more expensive side, but if it fits into your budget, it’s well worth it.

  • long lamp life
  • wireless connectivity
  • low contrast
  • quite expensive



With a 1080p resolution, 5500-lumen brightness, and a contrast ratio of 5500:1, the YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector provides the ultimate gaming experience.

These three factors combine to produce razor-sharp image quality with perfect brightness and colors.

It has a prominent x/y zoom option that allows you to change the image size with the remote without changing the projection distance.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to wirelessly connect the speakers to your device at any time and from any location.

It has a stylish and high-quality metal lens that provides clear images and the best viewing experience.

V3 provides universal connectivity with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and audio. As a cooling system, it employs smart technology and three fans.

The power consumption is also kept to a minimum to provide a long lamp life of 100000 hours.

The YABER Y61 is a similar model with similar specs, but the V3 has better zoom and Bluetooth HiFi Audio support.

Although the Y61 has wireless connectivity options, Nintendo Switch users will connect the dock to the projector directly anyway.

Bluetooth support and a better zoom mean you’ll get the best audio experience possible with Bluetooth speakers and can adjust the zoom more precisely than the Y61.

Overall, the V3 is a good budget projector for Nintendo Switch.

  • built-in speakers
  • clear pictures
  • low-quality image in daylight

Frequently Asked Questions

Are projectors good to play games on?

Yes, if you choose the right projectors, they can be useful for gaming.

New-generation gaming projectors provide dedicated, rich gaming experiences on displays twice the size of what TVs can handle without sacrificing response time and while offering 120Hz, 4K, and more.

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Do projectors cause input lag?

For projectors, input lag, or latency, refers to the time between when the audio/video signal from the input source (the gaming console) is received by the projector and when the projector projects the video that corresponds to that signal, which can result in lag time or image stuttering.


Who knows better than you that one of the most important aspects of purchasing a Nintendo Switch is locating a projector that is compatible with it?

Before purchasing one for yourself, you should consider factors such as resolution, contrast, and so on.

And rest assured, our list of the best portable projector for Nintendo Switch includes the best options in every category. Apart from gaming, these projectors could also be used for other types of viewing.