Best projector for bedroom ceiling

In this article, we’ll try to sort out the best projector for bedroom ceilings among the long list of projectors.

So if you’re one of the people who like to snuggle up in a duvet on a winter night. While watching movies either alone or with a loved one and hold a bucket of chicken wings. If that’s not the case and you want to put on a romantic comedy on a beautiful summer evening.

Anyway, the point is that it’ll better for you to invest in the best projector for the bedroom ceiling for your personal use. Because I’m sure that you all must have suffered from the pain in the neck. Especially when you fall asleep on the couch while watching Disney Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

Now is it fair to put your body in pain? Especially if you’re living in the era of tech and projectors and can enjoy live streaming from the safety and comfort of your bed. Obviously…not at all!

Well if this idea amuses you then stick with us till the end.

Buying guide for the best projector for bedroom ceiling

Let’s discuss the buying guide for the best projector for bedroom ceilings. Purchasing and installation of a projector involve lots of time and effort.

1. Brightness

When it comes to the brightness of the projector on any projector, counts a lot. But due to the use of the projectors in the bedroom. We could create an exception here as sunlight can’t cut through the projected image much in a bedroom.

On the other hand, most of the budget projectors could only offer lower specs. So you may have to go through hard times. If you spend 150$ on a projector that performs well in any situation except complete darkness.

In case you go for the expensive projectors. There’s plenty of chance that you could even enjoy the projection in the daytime or with that bedside lamp on. As most of the expensive projectors offer a lumen of 3000 plus or even beyond (Know more about Lumens).

So if you have an expensive projector set up in your bedroom. Just lay down on the bed to see your favorite TV shows while holding a bottle of coke and nachos. However, you must also know how to connect the projector to the tv antenna before start watching your favorite TV shows.

2. Remote function

If you want to enjoy streaming movies or TV shows while laying down on the bed. You should go for the projectors offering remote functionality. So you won’t have to get up and fiddle with the buttons of a projector. Just get a projector with a remote… and that’s it!

3. Resolution

Not every projector needs to have the same resolution. As different projectors have different ranges of resolution — especially based on your budget.

For instance, for a projector within a budget of 300$, you could get a projector that supports 1080P media. But after hitting the screen it’ll be converted into 480P.

So if you’re watching movies on any projector with 480P resolution in a dark room. There is plenty of chance that the quality of image projection could spoil the moments. Especially if the screen isn’t hundreds of inches big.

Therefore if you could just increase the budget to more than 300$. You’ll start to find projectors with higher resolution.

If you want to enjoy the complete cinematic experience just by laying down in your bedroom. You must go for the projectors having 1080P native resolution. As it’ll make you feel like you’re part of the movie.

On the other hand on a screen of 120’’ plus you could even detect some amazing details while watching the movie.

4. Contrast Ratio

You could determine how vibrant the colors are going to be displayed on a projector while watching a movie with the help of a contrast ratio.

Most of the budget projectors offer a quite bland screen. This is due to the dulled colors formed as a result of the low contrast ratio. As the contrast ratio of most of these projectors is around 2000:1 which isn’t a bad picture quality. Still, it isn’t that high as compared to an expensive projector.

The contrast ratio that comes with a projector purely depends upon your budget. So if you could increase your budget. You’ll find some expensive projectors with a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, 50,000:1, and 10,000:1 + contrast ratio.

In short, it all depends upon how much you love film and how much you’re willing to pay for this passion of yours.

Top 3 best projectors for bedroom ceiling

In this section, we’ll display some of the best projectors for bedroom ceilings. So you could sort out the ideal projector suitable for your bedroom.






Nebula By Anker Mars II


 Epson Pro EX7280


ManyBox Mini Projector

1. Nebula By Anker Mars II (Brighter than usual projectors)

Nebula By Anker Mars II

The Anker Mars II is known for its best image quality, resolution, and good brightness, — especially for the mini projectors.


Inputs and interfaces Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB
Native Resolution 1280 x 720
Engine Type DLP
Dimensions 5.4 x 4.8 x 7-inches (H x W X D)
Warranty 1 year
Relate Brightness 500 ANSI lumens
Weight 3.9 lbs

On the other hand, the Bluetooth sound system also doubles its performance anywhere including in a bedroom.


In the case of the projectors, brightness has its importance and could directly impact the movie experience. But while using this projector you would say – Brighter is better; as it offers a lamp of 500 ANSI lumens to cast some outstanding images.

The inspiring fact about this projector is that it could be used even in low-lit rooms. Without making any compromise in the projection quality.

Anyhow for the maximum movie experience. You should use this projector in completely dark rooms.


The best part about this projector is that it offers a sharp resolution. So you could play any movie with 720p on this projector and enjoy the clear visuals on the screen, ceiling, or wall.

Battery capacity

More importantly, if you’re an explorer and travel a lot then you could take this projector with you. As it offers a battery capacity of 2.5 hours so you could watch at least one movie easily during travel.


You could even enhance the experience while using this projector by connecting it with other devices. As it offers USB and HDMI ports allowing you to connect with other devices.

But you’ll be surprised to know that it also offers a wireless projection. So if you don’t prefer to limit yourself to wires. You could connect this projector to a Wifi and project the phone to the bedroom ceiling. Don’t worry… because it won’t affect the movie experience at all!

Dual Audio Drivers

Another factor that could be amusing to you is that “it comes with the dual audio drivers”. More importantly, the sound delivered through these drivers could be deep and sensational to anyone.

On the other hand, the resonant bass of this projector can boost the movie experience to a new level.

Final Thought!

The Nebula by Anker Mars II could be useful for you. Especially for bedroom ceiling use as it offers a lot of functionalities. But the most unique functionality among them all is the long-range of connectivity options and Dual Audio Drivers.

Although a small issue that could be troubling for you is its autofocus option which gets activities whenever you move the projector. But you’ll be delighted to know that you could easily turn it off through the settings.
  • It runs Android 7.1 (and Android apps)
  • Built-in battery
  • Doubles as a Bluetooth speaker system
  • Good color quality for video and photos
  • Loud sound system with smooth audio
  • Autofocus is slow to engage Not as easily portable as some similar projectors

2. Epson Pro EX7280 (Come with Built-in lens)

Epson Pro EX7280

The Epson Pro EX7280 could be ideal for the users looking for projectors to watch their favorite movie in the bedroom with ambient light. As it offers large image projections on large screens starting from 80’’ to 320’’. So it’ll be fair to say that it could be ideal for big rooms as well.


Inputs and interfaces HDMI
Resolution 1280 x 800
Dynamic Contrast 16000:1
Color Processing 10-bit
White Brightness 4000 ANSI Lumens
Color Brightness 4000 lumens CLO
Weight 2.6 kg
Power 345 Watts 100V – 240V
Digital Zoom Yes
Audible Noise 37 dB / 28 dB (Eco)

Brightness & Contrast Ratio

The brightness is one of the main factors that make it unique from the other projectors. As it offers a brightness of the 4000-lumen lamp with a contrast ratio of 16000:1.

Based on this feature you could even enjoy watching movies in the well-lit conditions. So we could say that ‘it offers a premium and clear projection on the screen”.

The best part of this projector is that it could maintain color accuracy through True 3-Chip 3LCD tech without relying on the rainbow effect.

Wide variety of content & Resolution

Unlike other projectors, this projector could make up a variety of content. As it could even accept video input up to 4K and deliver it in WXVGA resolution.

Although the resolution of this projector is relatively low as compared to others. But based on its tech and brightness it’s acceptable to use.


This projector also offers an HDMI port allowing you to connect with a wide range of streaming devices. So you could easily access the Apple TV and Chromecast while using this projector.

Furthermore, you could even access the streaming service to enjoy the movie on this projector. Another amazing part is that the projector could be controlled wirelessly.

Integrated Speakers

It also has integrated speakers with pretty decent sound quality for bedroom use only. So you won’t be able to enjoy the sound other than in the bedroom.

Final Thought!

The Epson Pro EX7280 projectors could be ideal for bedroom use. As it offers lots of outstanding features which is too much in such a reasonable price.

Although the resolution and sound quality of this projector are relatively low as compared to other projectors. So if you can increase your budget then it’ll be better to go for better projectors.

  • Built-in lens cover Easy to setup (MacBook Pro recognized it immediately) Comes with a remote and a convenient built-in speaker Great picture quality, images are sharp and bright Very quiet and no temperature issues running all-day Comes with a carrying case with a shoulder strap and a side pocket
  • No audio/video cables are included Speaker is convenient only for a quick video as part of a presentation. But depending on the room/noise level you may need a more powerful sound system The carrying case is padded but it appears to be fair for lite use.

3. ManyBox Mini Projector (Small & Portable)

ManyBox Mini Projector

This could be very much ideal projector for your bedroom ceiling especially if you don’t have much budget to spend.


Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Native Resolution 800 x 480P (1080P supported)
Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9
Brightness 4500 luminance
Lamp Life 45000 hours

Initial expectation

It’ll be difficult to find projectors with a large number of specs under a small budget. More importantly, even with a large list of specs, you can’t determine. Whether the projector could standstill on your expectation.

But it isn’t the same with this projector as it has a lot of love to offer and could defy your initial expectation.

Brightness & Reasonable Price

The best part about this projector is that “it comes in less than 150$”. Plus it won’t be possible to find a projector like this one that offers a brightness of 4500 Lux at such a reasonable price.

Therefore you’ll be able to watch the movies on this one without any difficulty even if you have to turn on the lamp next to you.


This projector offers a native resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. So if go for a smaller screen rather than the big screen. You’ll be able to enjoy the movies with good picture quality.

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Remote Controller

Unlike other projectors, this projector comes with a remote controller. So you could turn the projector off while laying on the bed before falling asleep.

Final Thought!

Based on the numerous features under such as reasonable price. This projector could be useful to watch movies in the bedroom. Plus with the help of the remote controller, you could easily turn it off even without leaving your bed.

Although the features of this projector are still comparatively less than expensive projectors. So if you want a more handsome movie experience then you must go for those expensive ones.

  • Only uses 35W of power
  • Multiple connectivity and input options
  • Surprisingly loudspeakers
  • Usual image correction controls (Zoom/Focus/Keystone)
  • Small and portable
  • 3 years warranty
  • Fairly bright output even at a roughly 100” projected size
  • 480p native resolution
  • No Bluetooth support to connect wireless speakers with
  • Requires AC connection and can’t run on a battery
  • Manual could use some work

Pros and Cons of projectors on bedroom ceiling

There is no doubt that it’s a great setup but it isn’t compulsory that “it’ll be ideal for everything”. As it’ll be difficult to place a projector surface on the ceiling because it could scoff anytime. More importantly, the surface and paint of the ceiling won’t let the projector surface on it.

Although if you’re so desperate about attaching the projection screen to your bedroom ceiling then there are different ways to do that.

On the other hand, the bedroom is a private space for anyone. So placing a projector on the ceiling of your bedroom depends on how close you’re to your friends.

Because you can’t invite anyone into you’re bed to watch movies or stream TV shows. So it’ll be better to place the projector screen in other rooms ceiling except for your bedroom.

Furthermore ceiling a projector screen in the bedroom could offer lots of joy. As you can easily enjoy movies while lying flat on your back. But the drawback is that “it isn’t ideal for eating or drinking while lying flat on your back ”.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the best place for placing a projector in a bedroom?

It won’t be possible to place every projector in the same place in your bedroom. So you need to read the specs of every projector carefully before deciding the place for the projector in your bedroom.

Generally, the bed could take a lot of space. So it’ll be fair to place the portable projector on the bed or a book.

Therefore it’ll be better for you to go for the short-throw projector. As it offers a considerable image mere inches away from the wall.


After exploring the overall topic it’ll be fair to rank the Nebula by Anker Mars II at the top. While the ManyBox Mini Projector could be ranked in second place. In the end, the Epson Pro EX7280 could be ranked in third place.