Best Projectors with Bluetooth Audio

Video has gone viral on the internet. Every day, videos are shared on social media, posted to YouTube, and streamed on Netflix and Hulu. 

As a result, many people want to view movies at home or work, but they do not have access to a television. The best Bluetooth projectors make a difference in this situation. A Bluetooth projector connects to your phone or laptop and projects video onto any flat surface.

Even though most projectors come with built-in speakers, many of them are of poor quality or unstable. As a result, Bluetooth audio projectors are a good investment if you want a sound that isn’t as faint as AV receivers or high-end sound systems.

This article, Best projectors with Bluetooth audio outlines some of the top Bluetooth projectors on the market today. While also presenting some suggestions for maximizing the value of your purchase.

Not only that, but this brief also includes a helpful buyer’s guide and a comparison table to help you understand everything.

Buyer’s guide on Best Projectors with Bluetooth Audio

When you next step into a store or visit an online eCommerce website, keep these important traits in mind. Choose a model that has the most features that benefit you or your current hardware. The following are some of the most crucial characteristics to look for.


The most important element to consider is resolution. Even the greatest resolution available on the device is 8K, It should be capable of playing videos of that quality.

If you don’t, the types of videos that you can mirror with the device will be limited. On our list, With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Anker Nebula Cosmos is the best 4k Projector. This projector has a 16:9 aspect ratio and can display 4K Ultra-HD videos.


You should also think about the projector’s connectivity before purchasing it. Connectivity is divided into two categories: wireless and wired. Wired connections are usually faster and have less latency than wireless connections, They do, however, need the usage of wires.

Wireless connections are less expensive and faster to set up, but they are slower and have higher latency than wired connections.

If you want a gadget that can connect to a wide range of devices, this is the one to get, get one with a wireless display and all of the necessary connectors. We offer the TMY Wi-Fi Projector as a solution for this. Wireless sync display, VGA, USB HDMI, TF Card, and AV connections are all supported.

Projection technology

The technology used will determine its color reproduction, range, resolution, brightness contrast ratio, and more. For instance, some use DLP while others use LCD.

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. LED, on the other hand, is the finest alternative, since it provides exceptional performance as well as a long lamp life. 

System software

You must also confirm that the device is compatible with the operating system of your choice. Some gadgets are exclusively compatible with Windows, while others are compatible with iOS and Android.

The TMY Wi-Fi Projector, as previously noted, provides the best compatibility. It works with any Android phone, PC, or iPhone without difficulty.


Finally, be certain that the projector’s size is appropriate for your space. A tiny projector can be ideal for a small room, while a large one might be appropriate for a larger one. Because of their portability, small projectors are especially ideal for touring.

Large models, on the other hand, are ideal for home theatres because they can be placed anywhere in the house.


After that, think about how bright your projector is. The brightness output of the aforementioned Native 1080P Projector is 9500. It will provide you with the best performance possible for binge-watching outside. Even in direct sunshine, the projector produces crisp and visible images.


When purchasing a projector, another feature to consider is the focus. This capability refers to the device’s ability to change the brightness of visuals on the screen. Some gadgets have autofocus, while others need to be adjusted manually.

In general, purchasing a projector with automatic focus is a good idea. When you want to watch something, You will not have to fiddle with the brightness controls manually.


You should also consider the sort of speakers included with the device. These are necessary since you will be able to enjoy the movies or other content that your projector is presenting.

We suggest going with a model with a better speaker and features like 360-degree surround sound and other features.

You can accomplish so by acquiring the above-mentioned Native 1080P projector. It boasts two strong speakers that consistently deliver high-quality audio.






ViewSonic M1


VILINICE 7500L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector


Anker Nebula Cosmos


XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector




Fangor 230” portable projector

List of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio

1. ViewSonic M1


The ViewSonic M1 tiny is a little palm-top projector with a well-designed stand, image, and video quality that is acceptable, To compensate for its poor brightness, it also has the capacity to play audio files.

Although the ViewSonic M1 is small ($169.99) and projects a dim image, it is bright and colorful on the outside, with matte white sides and bottoms and removable top plates in grey, yellow, and teal. 

This extremely portable device is an excellent alternative for an entry-level projector for use in a family room or on vacation, with a well-thought-out built-in stand above-average image quality, a simple user interface, and a media player.

The M1 mini’s low brightness limits the size of the image it can display, therefore it’s best used in a dimly lit environment.

Only 50 ANSI lumens are rated for the M1 small. It has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and a resolution of 854 by 480 pixels (also known as FWVGA or 480p). The light source is rated to last 30,000 hours, which should be enough to span the projector’s lifetime.

The M1 small features a very conventional palmtop projector form factor, with rounded corners and a squarish shape when viewed from the top. 

It is extremely portable, measuring 1.1 by 4.3 by 4.1 inches (HWD). An upraised silver-colored disc with a diameter of around an inch, The ViewSonic name is printed on it and it stands on top of the projector, above the lens.

Each of the changeable colored top panels has a hole in one corner that fits around the disc and secures the panels in place.  Little pegs on the other three corners of the covers fit into holes in the projector’s frame.

  • Music, video, and photo files in a variety of formats are handled by the media player.
  • Stand that is both simple and inventive
  • Top panels are interchangeable and come in three different colors.
  • Easily transportable
  • The tiny remote is easily misplaced.
  • Images can only be projected at a small size.
  • There is no control panel on the body.

2. VILINICE 7500L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector

Most people imagine flashy video technology when they think about cutting-edge video technology. Some of the hotter items on the market now include 8K TVs and the latest game systems. However, Occasionally, the most advanced technology harkens back to simpler times.

Projectors are an excellent illustration of this technology. For residential users, they used to be the only option, similar to vinyl records, until falling out of favor. They have also witnessed a rebirth in recent years, similar to vinyl.

When it came to projectors, Reel-to-reel film technology was employed in previous models. You can get fantastic video quality, similar to what you may see at a movie theatre. However, the equipment, as well as the repairs, were both expensive. In addition, reel-to-reel film is not the most space-efficient way to store video.

A small film collection can quickly fill a bookshelf. In the 1980s, VHS tapes quickly overtook the market. They could not compete with a projector in terms of video quality. They were, however, little and inexpensive. Thanks to VHS, the home video went from being a specialized hobby to a widespread desire.

The VILINICE 5000L Mini Outdoor Movie Projector does exactly what it says on the tin. Manufacturers have been steadily reducing the size of micro projectors, and VILINICE is following suit. The 5000L has a width of just over 12 inches, a depth of 7.4 inches, and a thickness of fewer than four inches.

The 5000L has a 720p native resolution. It will, however, handle input resolutions up to 1080p. All video up to and including 720p will be seen in its native resolution. In that quality, a 720p video will be presented. In that quality, a 480p video will appear.

  • Almost any output device is compatible.
  • Colors that pop and a high contrast ratio.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • The form factor is small.
  • Fans can be quite obnoxious.
  • Only works in low-light situations.

3. Anker Nebula Cosmos

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When it comes to electronics, NEBULA is one of the most well-known names. They are well-known for producing some of the most innovative products available today. 

The Anker Nebula Cosmos is one of their most recent designs. This device is a Bluetooth projector that can display images onto a 150-inch screen. For convenience, A tripoint mount is available for the projector. Mount it on a table or hang it from the ceiling.

We are enamored with the device’s realistic cinematic experience. This Cosmos equipment will produce realistic images similar to those seen on a television screen, whether you are watching sporting events, movies, games, or anything else.

It also has a 4k Ultra-HD quality mirror. It is one of the greatest small Bluetooth projectors we’ve seen, making it one of the finest on our list. You may also use your control to modify the size of your image. With just a few keystrokes on your remote control, Thanks to the built-in digital zoom feature, you can get your images up to 150 inches tall.

If you don’t have external speakers, The Dolby Digital Plus technology in this projector’s 360-degree 3D audio speakers will suffice. They may be heard throughout the huge living room.

As it displays 4k UHD resolution, it is the greatest projector with Bluetooth audio. It also boasts upscaling technology, which gives your outdated equipment a fresh lease on life. 

  • On this device, you may install over 5000 apps for unlimited amusement.
  • 360-degree surround sound with Dolby Digital Plus.
  • Updates to the software are available for free.
  • Upscaling is a real-time image quality improvement technique.
  • The image size can be changed
  • You must utilize the Nebula Manager app to install any application. It would be more convenient to get the apps from the Google Play Store.
  • The projector is not particularly quiet. When watching movies late at night, could be a nuisance.

4. XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector

If you are looking for a portable device, One of the best possibilities is the XGIMI MoGo pro. This is a tiny projector with a brightness of 300 lumens and weighs less than most of the other products on our list. 

These characteristics make it the greatest Bluetooth projector for home usage as well as the best gadget for traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Because it has a built-in battery, we put this model fourth on our list. The battery can deliver almost two hours of enjoyment on a large screen, anywhere and at any time.

As a result, If you want to watch movies, this is the projector to use. shows, sports, and other content on a large television in situations where electricity isn’t available, As an example, when camping. It fits conveniently into your car trunk, bag, or any other location where a projector would be useful.

You can also get any software you require from the Google Play Store. Thousands of entertainment applications, like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Maz, Disney Plus, and Prime Video, are compatible with the MoGo projector. 

When it comes to audio, External speakers or the two 3-watt Harman Kardon speakers that come included are your options.

Mirroring a video on your screen is only possible using USB and HDMI. 

Despite the fact that it has a built-in battery, It might not be practicable to view long documentaries or television shows on it. You will have to turn it off and on every two hours to recharge it.

  • For a perfect aspect ratio, it incorporates an autofocus feature.
  • It is small and lightweight.
  • It enables you to quickly download programs from the Google Play Store.
  • A built-in battery is included.
  • The producers may have improved this projector by including a larger capacity battery that could last for up to half a day.

5. LG DLP Projector

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The LG projector is offered in black and is designed for custom installations and professional integrator channels. Another version is available in white and is intended for direct-to-consumer sales.

Only this projector supports WiSA; attaching a third-party WiSA transmitter to one of the projector’s USB ports allows it to wirelessly deliver up to 5.1-channel audio to compatible powered speakers using the high-resolution WiSA standard, just like compatible LG TVs.

It also boasts an auto-calibration feature that works with various versions of Portrait Displays’ popular Calman calibration software, similar to what LG offers on its higher-end panel televisions.

What the 810P excels at, it excels at. UltraHD 4K resolution on a projector is always welcomed since it allows every detail in the video to enchant the eyes. This projector is also quite bright, with a brightness output of roughly 1,500.

The colors, on the other hand, steal the show, with deep dazzling reds, blues, greens, and more, all at incredible brightness levels.

The 810P’s downside is that it looks bad in dark environments due to grayish-black levels and a lack of overall impact. It’s also more expensive than 4K projectors with a stronger contrast, such as the Optoma UHD30, at $3,000.

We cannot recommend the LG HU810PW to anyone in this price range because of the low contrast. If you are looking for the top three projectors with Bluetooth audio, this is the one to go for.

The AU810PB’s red and blue laser light source is undeniably one of this projector’s primary selling points since it delivers various competitive benefits that comparable lamp-based projectors in this price range lack.

The obvious benefit is the extremely long life, with LG claiming that it may last up to 20,000 hours before showing signs of wear.

LG also claims that it can produce up to 2,700 lumens while covering 97 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut without the considerable light output drop found with some other projectors claiming this much coverage. The expanded selection is valued and put to good use.

The AU810PB is a compact projector with dimensions of 13.3 by 16.1 by 5.7 inches and a weight of 24.3 pounds. With a throw ratio of 1.3 to 2.08:1, the lens offers a good degree of lens shift (60 percent vertical, 24 percent horizontal) and a respectable 1.6x zoom range.

Overall, LG has done a good job of giving owners a respectable amount of setup flexibility, and while all lens settings are manual, the physical setup of the projector should be simple for the vast majority of installs.

The LG can support high dynamic range media in HDR10 and HLG, as well as the HGiG gaming format, with compatible consoles and games.

  • Extremely bright
  • Color is enhanced with lasers.
  • 4K detail is razor-sharp.
  • Costly

6. Fangor 230” portable projector

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Fangor has a large assortment of projectors to choose from. All have different goals in mind, but this version may help your presentation stand out and make video viewing more enjoyable.

This handy little addition will make your presentations a lot more enjoyable for the audience if you work from home. It boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a very good contrast ratio. The video quality will be HD, and you will immediately notice the technical expertise.

Connectivity is another wonderful aspect of this, in addition to the visual quality. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be used to connect it. If you’re looking for the top three projectors with Bluetooth audio, this is the one to go for.

Connecting it to an Android or iOS smartphone is simple. Wi-Fi streaming speed, on the other hand, isn’t always consistent. To get the greatest results, use the multiple ports that this device allows. 

One of the more exciting elements of this is the noise reduction function. It boasts a noise-reducing air duct design that reduces noise by 20%.

You can connect this to music devices via Bluetooth, but you may not need to because of the built-in speaker. It produces great, pure, and noise-free sound. There are numerous navigational buttons on the device. The remote, on the other hand, works nicely when mounted on the wall.

You will also get a beautiful bag to transport it in. Our favorite addition, though, is the lens cover, which protects the lens from dust and scratches. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are included, as well as USB, HDMI, and a media card reader.

It can connect to a range of devices, including your phone, tablet, or laptop, as well as video streamers like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku.

The movie looks fine when projected onto walls up to 20 feet away, with a resolution of 1,920,080 pixels – depending on how you position the projector, you may receive images ranging from 60 inches to 230 inches (almost 20 feet) diagonally.

Keep in mind that brightness diminishes with distance, so for the best results, keep to projections of 60 to 70 inches.

Aside from the high native resolution, you have a 6000:1 contrast ratio. This will give you beautiful brilliant colors when watching your favorite movies, and it is significantly superior to many of our other selections.

You’ll like the ability to connect this projector to your smartphone over WiFi. That means you won’t have to mess with wires or cords to protect your smartphone’s screen from your projector.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are included, as well as USB, HDMI, and a media card reader. It can connect to a range of devices, including your phone, tablet, or laptop, as well as video streamers like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku.

  • There are navigational buttons and remote control.
  • the feature provides crystal-clear audio
  • and Has a high definition video quality
  • It includes a variety of accessories.
  • At this price, there is not much.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it feasible to connect a Bluetooth speaker to my projector?

All you have to do is deal with the projector’s settings and leave your speaker in pairing mode to connect a Bluetooth projector to a wireless Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth chip and software should recognize the linking model speaker right away.

After that, you can manually connect to the network. The connection will be immediately severed each time you turn on your Bluetooth speaker and place it close to your projector after that. Consult your guidebook for more details.

Q. Are outdoor projectors compatible with Bluetooth?

Definitely. Outdoor or portable projectors, in particular, rely on Bluetooth speakers the most because their built-in speakers are too tinny or low volume to cope with the ambient noise of your yard or an open plaza exposed to the elements.

By adjusting the settings on the speaker, you can connect with it once, and it will reconnect automatically the next time you bring them close together.


The purpose of this post is to assist readers in narrowing down their options when shopping for projectors that can link to Bluetooth speakers. As many individuals were asking about this subject on sites like forums and other discussion boards online, it has proven to be rather useful thus far.

The following is a list of the Best Projectors with Bluetooth audio. We hope it is useful to you.