Can you split the projector screen into 2?

When your budget is too small or you cannot afford more than one projector then we can use the split-screen method. You asked the question can you split the projector screen into 2.

Yes, we can split the screen. Using a single projector screen is split into two that’s more economical. And splitting is not hard enough.

How can you split the projector screen into 2?

There are two methods by which we can split the screen into two.

  • Use split-screen screen feature
  • Without using a split-screen feature

Splitting screen using the split-screen feature

Not all projectors have this feature of splitting the screen into two, only a few can split the screen. In the split-screen method. You can divide the screen in two ways. To get the answer to the question can you split the projector screen into 2 the steps are given below.

Splitting screen using remote

  1. Find the remote screen button on the remote
    Nearly all of the projectors come with a remote and split-screen button. Firstly,  you have to take the remote and find out the split-screen button.

  2. Press and wait
    After pressing the button, it will take a few seconds and your mission is completed.

  3. Split the screen without using remote
    In case when there is no button on the IR remote to split the screen, then you have to go to the menu first.

  4. Explore the relevant options
    When you reached the menu go to the settings, in it there is a split-screen option available. Select the option and within seconds, you will see the split-screen.

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Splitting screen without using the split-screen feature

We are living in a modern world where there is a solution to everything available. If your projector does not come up a with split-screen feature then there is a solution to this problem

1. Gather all the supplies

If your projector does not have a split-screen feature, then an HDMI cable is the solution, by using an HDMI switch s two inputs and one output option your screen is split into two.

2. Connect and get done

Using an HDMI switch, connect the two HDMI devices to the two different HDMI ports. After connecting it gives you the option to split the screen, select the appropriate option and your desired feature is obtained

Advantages of having multiple screens

If you want to know if can you split the projector screen into 2 then yes you can and be able to get the following benefits.

  • Increased productivity
  • Can use multiple programs simultaneously
  • We can keep up with Email and Twitter and research on screen
  • It has flexibility and works well with a laptop
  • Sharing of data is much easier
  • We can use Skype while still having access to other data
  • The comparison should be easy
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages split-screen technology

  • It has more potential of being distracted
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of desk space
  • It is expensive
  • It acquires much space


As we have learned by splitting the screen we can get multiple images at once. It will help us in using more than one application at one time. By using this projector we have no need to buy extra apparatus the only need to buy an HDMI cable.

This is one of the best projectors when your budget is low and you want multiple screens to cover a large area. If you want to play games using the split-screen method, then you need a projector that can handle your normal games and hard-core.

Two suggestions are there one is Ben Q TK700STi and Optoma UHD50X. Both of them have good image quality and low latency rates. You can use these a get an easy solution for can you split the projector screen into 2?