Different types of projector mounts

Are you deciding to go with a projector in your home to give a cinematic look? Well, it will be an exciting decision but you will have to face some complications with this home theater. Your first and foremost duty is to mount your projector where you want to do it and then do quick research to consider that will this place be fine for mounting? The projector looks beautiful only at that time when you have bought it according to your room’s space. So, must consider every feature of your room then, there will be no issue of having a projector at home for having a theater look.

The projector mount is quite a simple as well as a practical solution that ensures optimal placement. Plus, the projector will be ideal if you use it in a cinema room or conference room. If you are a regular user of the projector then, that will also be an interesting component if you mount your projector in your living room or bed. However, before buying the projector for the walls, you must have an idea that there are different types of projector mounts in sizes and designs. So, you should not do the purchasing of mounting equipment haphazardly.  

Now let’s have a look below for knowing the further types of projector mounts for choosing the right one.

Types of Projector Mounts:

Everyone has a different taste in mounting the projector. Some love to use wall projectors whereas many people try to buy ceiling mount projectors. Therefore, the companies have introduced two major types of projector mounts that are, ceiling projector mounts, and wall projector mounts. The projector that is dependent on the height of the room that it needs or the ceiling for the best mounting is a ceiling projector mount. Whereas, some projectors are used when there is no option of the ceiling required but adds the complications while adjustment around the distance from the wall is wall ceiling mount.

So, you will find the best-mounted projectors that are easy to fix and extendable within these two above-given types or categories. This will help you to find the right type of projector mount. If you have an idea of what kind of projector does your room need for gaming or watching movies and how big of a screen would you like to project? Then, cast a glance below at the features of both projectors for finding the best projector mount. And get the amazing experience of having fun ever in your life.

Ceiling projector mount:

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Some people do not have anything that can be mounted around the ceiling so that their room can give an elegant touch. Therefore, it is a fact that this type of projector mount is a bread and butter category. You will have the luxury of placing the projector on the centerline of the screen. But keep in view that the height of your room is alright when you are looking to mount and also compatible with your projector.

Prepare your room for the ceiling projector:

First of all, you must know what size is required for your screen where you want to project it? And yes, knowing about the throw distance is also necessary that which will match that size. Once, you know each and everything then, it will definitely be very easy to put the projector where you want to mount it.

Wall projector mount:

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Different rooms have different demands. If your room is small and there are quite complications in a way of mounting a projector like the fans or light fixtures. Then, you will have to consider the best wall mount projector for your room.

Some projectors can solve your problems if you are facing some obvious reasons for getting a good spot to project the picture. Such wall projectors have an extendable arm that allows you to put your projector closer to an optimal spot. Moreover, these handy tools are very helpful that allow you to extend your projector three to four feet from the wall where you want to mount it.

Prepare the wall for the projector:

It is very clear that the centerline of the screen is the best spot for the projectors. It’s worth a few minutes for you to pick the paper, and pencil to know some things that are good to mount. The setup that you are thinking of must have worked with the telescoping arms with the keystone correction. The only thing that you are to consider is the final distance from the projector to the screen as well as the throw distance. And also make sure that lines up with the diagonal of your projector screen where you want to put it.

Mount-It Projector that is a perfect fit for you:

1.  Wall/ceiling projector with Universal LCD (mount-it projector):

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Many projectors come in range with such opportunities that offer many features for giving the best experience of watching movies or favorite sports. But this type of projector mount is different because it offers Universal LCD mounting. The black color projector with a load capacity of 44 pounds has an elegant look that fits your room to give a cinematic touch. Moreover, the material that is used for its manufacturing, is stainless steel. 

Now, you must be thinking about why you should only have this type of projector? Well, you are highly recommended this Mount-It projector because it has got a five-star rating by the customers who are an enthusiast of using projector screens. Because it is available at affordable rates with wide applications for various projectors in the markets. Plus, its solid and full-motion design makes these projectors more valuable. In simple wordings, you can adjust and move anywhere you want to because of its height range starting from 5 inches to 25.6 inches. 

Many other notable features will be very helpful to learn about it further. First of all, these mounted projectors have the capacity to be used both in ceilings and walls because of their Dual-application system. A telescoping arm is included for the installation in the ceiling. The dimensions of the projector are 6 inches by 9.9 inches by 2.5 inches with the mounting holes on the device that has the measurements from 8.85 inches to 12.40 inches. That’s why you are offered to buy a Mount-It projector to make your room look eye-catching.


·         LCD-based projector.

·         Dual-application i.e. ceiling and wall.

·         Easily adjusted and moved.


It is compatible with various projectors.

2.  Gibbon mounts projector:

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Like the first projector, Mount-It, it also has the same feature of adjustment in both ceiling and walls. Moreover, it can be extendable because of having a length range of 16.5 inches to 25.2 inches and also holds a weight of up to 33 pounds. It is a Universal projector that you can mount anywhere you feel a sense of peace for watching your favorite sports or movies. Moreover, you can also use this projector to hold different conferences or many other events. 

The black color alloy steel mount projector gives an elegant look and can be installed in two different ways depending on your demands. Whether you want to adjust it on the wall or ceiling, both are a good choice because of their lower capacity and thick mount even. But this lower capacity means that it supports only 33 pounds weight that is lighter. Overall, it would be fine enough for you because you are less limited to brand names that are specific only.

Some features that are highly noticed in the projector, are the following. You will come to know more about this type of projector mount for getting the unique product. So, let’s have a look below.

Firstly, knowing the dimensions of any projector is quite necessary because due to this feature, you can have a good projector. So, the dimensions for this projector are 7.09 inches by 3.23 inches by 12.8 inches.

Secondly, it has Universal compatibility that is superior and also has a wide-ranging quality. Moreover, it can be installed on both ceiling and wall.

Last but not least, the 33-pounds weight capacity with a height of 5 inches to 25.2 inches is very good for mounting in the room to have a theater look.


·         Alloy steel material.

·         Easy to project due to being lightweight.

·         Affordable prices.


It has a lower capacity due to having less weight.

3.  JIFAR Universal HD Projector:

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In using terms of ratings, it is quite high which is the best for choosing the projector. Moreover, due to having the characteristic of HD, you won’t have to do any settings to get the perfect image by zooming or doing the brightness high on your screen. The weight of this projector is 2.62 pounds having great dimensions of 12.91 inches by 5 inches by 2.2 inches. Plus, there are two colors available for this projector, white, and black. You will of course have another opportunity to fulfill your wish with these two eye-catching colors.

But if you are a black lover, you would have to tolerate the expenses because it is a little bit more expensive than the white counterpart. Most probably, it will be the most aesthetic choice ever. Regardless, in the list of different types of projector mounts, it is one that has the biggest capacity so far.

Now, it’s time to know further features of these projectors to learning why should it be your first choice?

The main thing about this mounted projector is that you can lock it in any position to save it from disasters. Moreover, you won’t have to do any effort to lock it because it is very easy to lock and release. Furthermore, it has a lighter weight (mentioned above) with a “no-slip” adjustment system because only the rotational adjustment is possible. Lastly, it is one of the heavy-duty projector mounts that support only the heavier as well as bigger projectors with having a maximum loading capacity that is 30 kilograms. 


·         Available in two colors, white, and black.

·         Lightweight.

·         Rotational adjustment.


The black color is expensive in contrast to the white color.

Factors You must consider while buying a projector mount:

You will have a personalized experience with different types of projectors mounts if you know all the main factors of the projectors before purchasing. So, look at them below for knowing them.

·         Mounted in three ways, wall, ceiling, and tripod.

·         Configuration of the rooms.

·         Tilting and adjustable mount.

·         Weight of the projector.

·         Throw distance between wall and screen.

·         Some technical specifications.

It is your priority to know all the above-given features of the mounted projectors so that you may not have any risk after you buy. Because sometimes companies forget to take care of all such characteristics that a projector requires. So, make sure that you are choosing the right one. For getting the best-mounted projector, there is another way to follow that is, you can choose the projector by searching on different sites. You can read the positive reviews of the users there. Plus, there is an option for ratings, if you see the five highlighted stars there then, you are ready to buy.  


As you all know, the world has become modern and the living souls also love to live according to this present time. Therefore, in the field of having fun, the projectors are considered the best thing that looks more elegant and gives the touch of today’s era. Different types of projector mounts are available that fulfill all the needs of the users. Moreover, the companies manufacture these mounted projectors depending on the styles of rooms, budget, and many other features that do not let the customers get disappointed. And they can get each type of projector they wish and make their room a cinematic look.

Just do remember, whenever you are going to buy the projector, must check the height of the ceiling. And distance is also necessary to know between the wall and the screen. Moreover, also pay attention to the other mount abilities like tilt, and rotation. All the factors are equally important to consider first. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your desired projector at reasonable prices from your nearest markets.