How does a digital projector work?

A digital projector is a next-generation projector with a digital projection display system. The machine features a specialized computer display that projects an enlarged image on the screen.

These projectors are perfect to use for presentations. If you want to have this type of machine and are also curious to know how does a digital projector work?

Then before knowing the process of its operation, first, let’s discuss the digital kind of projection system. It is important to know because each type has its own functioning.

LCD projector

The first type is now considered a bit older; this is a Liquid crystal display having primary colors red, green, and blue.

The light transmission by each pixel varies depending on the type of data received from the system. The light of the lamp moves to the LCD panels. From here, it is collimated through the lens and then projected to the screen.

The construction of this projector is much similar to the slide projector. In such a system slide comprises three LCD panels that are placed with each other near the focal point of the lens.

lcd projector 768x471 1

LCD projectors are efficient, easy to use, display bright images, have contrast adjustment features, and offer high resolution. Thus, users experience a clear image or video through this type of projector.

Digital lightning processing projector

The latest type with new technology is Digital light processing. The machine features tiny mirrors in the DLP display. These are also known as micromirror projectors.

There are no transparent panels. Each mirror has one pixel. Thus, light does not pass through the panel but rather gets reflected.

When the projector is on, mirrors or prisms move back and forth; therefore, the amount of light varies from each pixel. The color is created by passing the light from the lamp because of the presence of the rotating wheel with green, blue, and red filters.

In this way, the mirror comes in front of the light and results in a color-modulated image that is viewed as natural color by the human eye. These are preferable to people because such projectors are light in weight, lack pixelation, and offer high contrast.

DLP Black and White.gif

Working of projector

A digital projector offers 3D images and has a special way of working. If you want to know the complete process of how a digital projector works? then the step-by-step processes involved in such gadgets are described below.

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Micromirror projectors

  1. Digital light processing form images with the help of microscopic mirrors.
  2. The high-power lamp throws light through a prism.
  3. The prism then splits light into components colors red, green, and blue
  4. Each color hits to digital micromirror device. These are the semiconductors chip covered with millions of hinged mirrors. That’s why it consumes less electricity.
  5. The information encoded in the video signal is turned into tiny mirrors by FMD and reflects colored light.
  6. Tiny dots of reflected light create a monochromatic image. These mirrors flipped from on to off transition. These go front and back thousands of times per second. A mirror that is flipped more reflect lighter and produce bright pixel. In this way, DMD produces light and dark colors.
  7. Micromirror chips reflect back the monochromatic light to a prism that recombines color and gives the full range of colors on images or videos.

Working on LCD projectors

Now, if you want to know how does a digital projector work for the LCD version, then the operation is based on the following steps

  1. The source of light emits the beam of white light.
  2. The beam of light bounces back on two dichroic mirrors with a special film coating that reflects light with a specific wavelength.
  3. These mirrors break the white light into colored light through a projector. The white light is split into red, blue, and green light.
  4. After that, these colored lights pass through a liquid crystal display that is composed of thousands of micro pixels. These tiny pixels block the light and allow some light to pass through when getting electric current. All three LCD screens display the same images. These three colors then combine in a dichroic prism, and finally, these three colors merge into multiple colors to show the complete image.
  5. This light with the vibrant color full version of the scene passes through projector lenses and then onto a big screen.

Final verdict

Hope you have learned about how does digital projector work? The process of both kinds is simple, and see how technology display clear and high-resolution image. You enjoy the original colors or images, and videos. Thus, get the experience of watching movies, playing games with original colors through digital projectors.