How to bypass Miroir projector activation code?

The Miroir projectors are considered one of the most expensive projectors in the market that comes with an activation code. But if the activation code got missing then you must know how to bypass Miroir projector activation code.

In this article, we’ll discuss some quick and easy techniques to bypass the Miroir projector activation code. If you’ll stick with us then I could bet that it’s going to be — super easy.

There could be only two scenarios when you need to bypass the Miroir projector activation code. First, one could be you have bought the Miroir projector from an authorized retailer and lost the slip with the activation code.

On the other hand, the second one could be, that you have bought a second-hand Miroir projector from someone or an authorized retailer. We all know that the second-hand Miroir projectors don’t come with an activation code written on them…right!

This article could also be useful for those who have bought a second Miroir projector from an online seller like LetGo without an activation code.

By following the instructions mentioned in this article you won’t be only able to bypass the Miroir projector without an activation code. But you could also generate the activation code for your projector as well.

Now without any further delay let’s dive into the discussion. But before that, I would recommend sticking with the article till the end as it has everything you need to know.

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How to bypass the activation lock on the Miroir projector?

The process of bypassing the activation lock on the Miroir projector is very simple and can be done in a few steps demonstrated in this section.

Step 1: Ready the video source

Ready the video source connected with the HDMI cable

Step 2: Turn off the projector

Switch off the projector

Step 3: Connect the HDMI cable

Now connect the HDMI cable in the Miroir M20 HDMI port. But don’t switch on the projector until 15 seconds are passed.

Step 4: Turn on the projector

In the end switch on the projector. If everything goes well and your video source is on. You’re going to see something on the screen of the projector. According to the sequence first, you’ll see the Miroir logo. Now the video source coming from the HDMI cable will be displayed on the projector screen.

So just sit tight and enjoy your videos on a 50-inch projector screen of Miroir M20. However, you might need to clean the inside lens of the Miroir projector after every week… for a better image projection!

Now let us find out how to get an activation code but before that we’ll have to know about the Disa and activation code. Now could understand what’s going to be our next discussion.

DiSa Code

The DiSa code is the abbreviation of the Digital safety code. You could find it under the digital device beside the UPC number. According to the image of the Miroir M20 projector, the DiSa code is 1000831053.

DiSa Code


Now with the help of this DiSa code, we’re going to generate the activation code of a Miroir projector. But before that let’s discuss the activation code of the Miroir projector.

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Activation Code

You could check the activation code on the sales receipt of the Miroir projector. It would be based on six digital numbers. So if you have paid for the projector to an authorized seller then you must have this activation code.

Without these six-digit numbers, it’ll be difficult to unlock a Miroir projector. The main task of the activation code is to keep the projector protected in case of a robbery. But if purchased it from an authorized seller and lost the activation code then you must stick with us.

Because in this article you’ll be able to learn the tricks to access the Miroir projector even if you don’t have an activation code.

Regenerating activation code for the Miroir projector

You can easily regenerate your activation code for the Miroir projector if you could find the DiSa code for the projector as mentioned in the previous section.

Now that you know where can you locate the DiSa code for the Miroir projector get the DiSa code ready. After locating the DiSa code we could move toward the next step.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Miroir projector

In the first step visit the official website of the Miroir projector to regenerate your activation code. But I would suggest that don’t rush for it to avoid any issues until you read the overall content.

When you visit the page the interface would be something like this

Setup 1


Now if you’re following the instructions correctly then I hope that you must have found the DiSa code for your Miroir projector.

If not then you could also see the location of the DiSa code on your Miroir projector as shown in the picture. You could contact them if the activation code doesn’t work properly by creating a new ticket. To make that happen just click on the “Click Here To Live Chat”.

Step 2: Fill in the DiSa code

Now you’ll have to fill the DiSa code in the next step.

how to generate DiSa code screenshot


According to the image shown above you have to first enter the DiSa code and then verify that I am not a robot. Now click on the get code button beside the text field.

After that, an activation code and model no of the projector will appear on your device screen. The DiSa code used for this example is 1000831053 even you could use this code to verify this step. As I can guarantee you that the results would be as same as the image shown above.

Now, let us figure out how to use this activation code to activate the Miroir M20 projector.

How to use this activation code to activate the Miroir M20 projector?

How to use this activation code to activate the Miroir M20 projector

In case if you haven’t used the first method mentioned in this topic of how to bypass the activation lock on the Miroir projector then you could go for this option.

But the problem here is that there are no number buttons given on the projector to enter the number. Now, what to do…then!

Well in that case you could use both the volume up and down buttons. These buttons could be found near the Switch on and off options as shown in the figure.

Now to move between the numbers from 0 to 9 you need to use the volume up button. After getting the desired number press the volume down button to select it.

In the end, if every step is followed correctly then the activation code will be activated on your projector.

How to reset the Miroir projector?

You could easily reset the Miroir projector by pressing the reset button. To make that happen you’re going to need small things such as needles. But make sure that the needles shouldn’t have sharp points. Using these needles you just need to press the reset button of the Miroir projector.

Things you need to know

There are different projectors available in the market and not all of them need an activation code. But how can you determine that?

Well, it’s very easy you could see the five-digit date code or less underneath your projector along with the yellow sticker or stamp. This indicates that you’re going to need an activation code to open the Miroir projector.

On the other hand, if your projector has a date code based on more than five digits then you won’t need an activation code at all!

Another thing that needs to be remembered is that don’t put the invalid activation code again and again to unlock the projector. Because it could lock the projector forever and you won’t be able to use the projector ever again.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

How can you reset a Mirroir projector?

Before resetting your Mirroir projector make sure that it has been fully charged especially for the first use (approximately 3-4 hours).

Now press the reset button found on your projector by using something small such as a paper clip; as it’s a small recessed button.


If you’re following the article from the start then you must have noticed. Two methods can be used to bypass the Miroir projector activation code. The first one is the trick that can be used to unlock the Miroir projector even without an activation code.

While the method is the regeneration of the activation code for the projector. Now that you have viewed the whole article I could guarantee you that you’ll be able to access your projector without any hassle!