How to clean a projector inside lens?

If you’re using the projectors. You must have come across this issue and must be searching for answers on how to clean a projector inside-lens.

Well, there is a big probability that the lens of a projector may get smudged through fingers while setting up the projector.

If that’s not the case then your projector lens could simply accumulate dust. Either way, this could directly affect the visual input of your projector. As you’ll be seeing murky clouds on the projected image.

Furthermore, it could also impact the brightness and sharpness of a projector… spoiling your fun of watching sports

Now you don’t need to get frustrated and start punching your projector there. Because in this article Projectors Rating would share the simple and quick methods to clean a projector inside-lens.

While you’re with us. You could also check out the other related information that we’ve mentioned about cleaning the inside lens of a projector.

Here you’ll be amused to know that you could even apply these steps on the best cheap projector under 50 as well. Now without wasting any more time let’s dive into the discussion.

Required tools for cleaning

Before we start the process you need to keep some tools ready to use. So it’ll be easier to clean a projector inside-lens if you have the required tool kit.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Compressed air
  3. Lens cleaning papers
  4. Lens cleaning solution
  5. Tissue papers

A quick guideline before cleaning

During the cleaning process make sure to avoid the use of any chemical that could cause abrasion. Instead, use only the lens cleanser made only for cleaning the lens; as a harch chemical may affect the coating of the lens.

The line-to-line guide on how to clean a projector inside-lens

Now that we’ve checked out the tools required to do this task. It’s time for us to discuss the line-to-line guide on how to clean a projector inside-lens.

1. Preparation and opening of the projector for cleaning

Step 1: Switch off the projector

Now before cleaning a projector inside-lens make sure that you’ve switched off the projector. After that wait for at least 30 minutes remember don’t rush in to open the projector right after you switch it off.

Normally the lens of the projector remains hot while it’s running. Opening a projector right after switching it off and then applying a chemical on the lens could damage it very badly. So wait for at least 30 minutes after switching off the projector.

Step 2: Open the projector

Once the time has passed you could press the button or latch gently to open the projector. Although if you want to clean the projector lens from the outside then this step would be optional for you. But for deep cleaning, it’s compulsory to open the machine before cleaning.

2. Cleaning the projector from inside

To make an effective cleaning you could even use a blower along with a short burst of air. This will remove all the dust around the lens and other parts of the projector.

Furthermore to get to the deep point and lens of a projector for cleaning you could also use a nozzle. After that start cleaning the body of the projector very gently through the microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget to use a flashlight throughout the process to locate the dirt or dust found at the corner of the projector or lens.

3. Cleaning the lens of the projector

Step 1: Remove the lens cap

In the first step remove the lens cap from the projector.

Step 2: Apply lens cleaning solution

Now take a drop of the lens cleaning solution and apply it by spreading through a microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Move it in a circular motion & let it dry

While you’re applying the lens cleaning solution try to move it in a circular motion. After that give it some time to get dry and wait till then.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to see a clear and crisp glass of the lens at the end of this step.

Step 4: Cover it back

In the next step just cover back the lens of the projector.

Step 5: Bring the parts of the projector together

Now bring all the parts of the projector together and close it.

Step 6: Turn on the projector

In the end, you’ll be able to see the results with your own eyes after turning on the projector.

Tips to Remember

In this section, we’ll discuss some key points that you need to remember throughout the process.

  1. If you use any old cloth or a t-shirt then it could result in streaks that could damage the lens of the projector.
  2. Make sure that you’re moving the cloth in a circular direction while cleaning the lens of the projector.
  3. Clean the lens gently. Don’t apply too much pressure; as it may damage the lens very badly.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. How could it be possible to clean the slide projector lens?

Like any other projector. Cleaning the slide projector lens is also very easy and based on a few steps.

1. In the first step use a microfiber cloth to wipe the smudges from the lens. But make sure that the microfiber cloth is moistened with denatured alcohol.

2. Now start by wiping the center part of the lens gently and don’t forget to wipe in a circular motion. Until you reach the outer edges of the lens.

3. A similar process would be done on the other side of the lens after removing and opening the projector.


Now that we’ve come across the whole article we could conclude that cleaning a projector inside-lens could be very easy for anyone. By following the steps mentioned in this article you could do it without even any hassle!

Although there are some important key points that you need to remember throughout the whole process as mentioned in this article.

Moreover, the process also needs the use of some specific tools. So before you start cleaning a projector inside-lens make sure that you have the required tool kit.

Therefore if you’ve been through the whole article and followed each guideline correctly then it won’t be big deal for you to complete this task comprehensively.