How to connect Epson projector to soundbar?

Get ready to have an immersive sound experience with the soundbar and through your Empson projector. Although such projectors come with built-in speakers if your model is not with such a speaker or you need to double the sound effect with excellent bass, connecting the soundbar is a good decision.

Now, if you have bought your soundbar but cannot understand how to connect Epson projector to soundbar? you are on the right platform. We have discussed various ways of connectivity so you can enjoy your movie with an amazing sound system.

Making connections with the soundbar

Before we start, first, you should know about the availability of audio ports and wireless connectivity systems. Check ports are the same as available on the soundbar. The ports may be HDMI, digital optical cable, or ARC type. If any of these are available on both devices, then you can make a smoother connection.

Although the latest models come with wired connectivity options, they have wireless options too. One of them is Bluetooth connectivity, and the other is set up through Wifi connection. If both devices support this function, then it can be a breeze for you as you don’t need any hassle of wires and connect them wirelessly.

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Step by step guide for connecting with Projector

Let’s dive into the discussion to know how to connect the Epson projector to the soundbar.

Making a connection with Bluetooth

If you have the latest Epson projector model, then it surely supports Bluetooth. Thus, it will be easy for you to connect it with the soundbar. Make sure your sound system has Bluetooth. Afterward, pair both devices to have a wonderful sound listening experience. For this, follow the steps given below.

1- Turn on the soundbar and enable the paring mode. You can do it through remote control or having a Bluetooth button option on the interface.

2- Now navigate the settings menu on the projector and enable Bluetooth there

3- Click on the search device

4- Accept the connection by entering the pairing code

5- The soundbar will connect to a projector, and you can play music through it

6- Next time when you switch on both devices and enable Bluetooth, they will be paired automatically.

Making a connection with HDMI

Now, if your projector soundbar doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry about how to connect the Epson projector to the soundbar? There is another solution available. You need an HDMI cable to connect both devices.

One more thing, make sure both devices have an HDMI port to make a special daisy-chained connection. You can also make an ARC connection with a 3.5mm audio jack, as the latest devices support this system. To connect both devices through this medium, follow the steps given below.

1- Turn off both devices.

2- Connect an HDMI cable to HDMI Arc/port available on the soundbar.

3- Connect a media input device laptop, Blu-ray, and laptop to your projector.

4- Turn on devices and set the projector audio output to HDMI  and soundbar audio input to HDMI to make a smooth connection.

Learn about the Connection without HDMI

These are two ways to connect the Epson projector to the soundbar, but sometimes it happens projector lack both options. At that time, again, a question floated into your mind about connecting the Epson projector to the soundbar. No worries, we have one more method for you.

The Epson that lacks the HDMI and Bluetooth projector usually comes with the  VGA port. You can connect devices through this. You can use the study from the source media device to pair up both devices. If your Epson projector doesn’t have the audio out, you can use the 3.5m  audio out port for headphones and earphones.

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Connecting the Epson projector with the soundbar is not a difficult task. Simply know what pairing modes are available with it. In this way, you will not waste your time and connect both devices smoothly. Now you have learned how to connect Epson projector to soundbar? simply explore the port or connectivity and pair your device to enjoy watching a movie or playing games with original sound quality.