How to connect Roku stick to projector

In this article, we’ll discuss how to connect Roku stick to projector. As you can see a Roku stick could be termed a streaming device. By using it you could easily stream content available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Go, and vice versa on non-Roku TVs or smart TVs… via the internet!

It looks more like a USB flash disk that could be connected to the HDMI port or HDTV monitor, or projector. It won’t be difficult for you to understand if you’ve connected your iPad to a projector wirelessly without Apple TV for once in your life.

Therefore while using the Roku stick you could enjoy watching anything whether it’s the last dance (Michael Jordan Documentary) or Tiger King(Joe Exotic Documentary).

At the same time, the Ruko stick is also compatible with some of the best projectors for gaming under 500; as it could handle high-resolution video processing for you. This makes a lot of sense of hooking it up on a projector.

However, before discussing how to connect a Roku stick to a projector it’s very important for us to know which models of Roku work best with a projector.

Which Models of Roku work best with a projector

As you can see there are various models of Roku available in the market – each of them possesses unique advantages. Therefore some people prefer to use the Roku TV or another version of a Smart TV to have the best streaming service.

While others find Roku stick best for them; as it can transform almost any TV (with an HDMI port into a Smart TV). Here the same thing could be applied to the projector as well. So using the Roku stick you could transform any projector into a smart device. Especially if it’s connected to a model of Roku capable of paired directly to Wifi — without waiting for the projector to connect to Wifi itself.

In that case, the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Express are the only two best models of Roku that could work best with a projector. It’ll allow you to simply plug them into the HDMI port of the projector so the stream could begin immediately.

However, there are some other models of Roku that don’t offer direct Wifi functionality. You might be thinking about what difference it’ll make. But it could impact the convenience that you’re expecting while using any model of Roku; as you’ll have to wait until the projector connects itself to the Wifi plugging in the Roku stick.

Plus it’ll also limit the transferability of the Roku device if you’re planning on bringing it from your projector to another TV in your home. Moreover, a model of Roku having direct Wifi functionality also allows you to pair with the speaker system more easily.

So, yes you could use other models of Roku with the projector as well. However, it won’t be as ideal or easy to work with.

Here the best part is that the Roku Streaming Stick+ and the Roku Express having Wifi direct functionality won’t only pair with the smart sound system. But they could also start the stream immediately; just plug them into the HDMI port and you’re ready to stream.

How to connect Roku stick to projector

After understanding which models of Roku could work best for your projector. Now it’s time for us to rush into the details on how to connect Roku stick to projector.

Luckily connecting a Roku stick with the projector is relatively easy and could be done by following the steps given below:

1. Plugin the Roku stick into the HDMI port of your projector

Plugin the Roku stick into the HDMI port of your projector.

At the start, the first plugin the Roku stick into the HDMI port of your projector. You could spot the HDMI port by viewing the label or you might simply have to verify that the shapes are matched up. Either way, it’ll be very easy to simply plug this in.

2. Adjust the projector settings

Adjust the projector settings

Once you’ve connected the Roku stick start adjusting the projector settings which is also pretty simple too. You could adjust it by using the button on the top or side of the projector having the word “Settings” on it. Using it you could even change the input so that the HDMI port is being correctly received.

The way every projector function is very different most of the time. So just for the sack of reference, you might have to adjust where the volume is streaming from in case of any audio issues. Under this scenario, you might have to turn off the automatic HDMI input setting (if the volume isn’t streaming on the projector).

Plus you could also plan on adjusting the standard projector settings as well. This way the projector will start to receive the input of your Roku via HDMI port more easily. To be real it’s a very simple process and won’t be too hard of a process either.

3. Connect the audio

Connect the audio

Like the previous steps, it’s also super easy and needs to be done before you began working with the Roku. Although there is a high probability that the input from the Roku might be slightly different. In that case, you might have to make some adjustments before the projector starts to capture audio from any stream you’re having on your Roku stick.

As we know that not all projectors are the same. It might be possible that sometimes your projectors aren’t equipped to be compatible even with the most latest version of the technology.

In short, you might not be able to stream the latest version of shows and capture the most appropriate video or audio input. Due to this, you won’t have any choice except to use an external speaker system.

However, before using an external speaker system ensure that the Roku stick you’re using must have direct Wifi functionality.

4. Connect all devices on the same Wifi Network

Connecting the entire system with your home Wifi network is the best way to efficiently your Roku device, projector, and speakers in your sound system. Although not all the users who are using either of these components are using the latest Wifi compatibility options.

But you’ll have to make your way to connect these devices as soon as possible to begin enjoying the ease of use that it provides. Now to make that happen you’ll have to simply connect each device to the same home wifi network.

After that, you could manage the various settings and options. By downloading and using Apps associated with your particular device or use a remote that is connected to the main Roku device instead.

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Therefore it’ll become whole a lot easier to enjoy the live streaming options available to you via Roku and projector through the one main control setting.


In the end, before using any of these steps I would like to remind you to look for your projector specifications to avoid any issues throughout the process. At the same time, you must check that your Roku device must have direct Wifi functionality as well. Once you’ll check the specs of both the projector and Roku you’ll be able to apply these steps without any hassle!