How to flip the projector image upside down?

Is your projector image in the opposite direction? Do you want to flip it back to the original position, but you don’t know how you can do it? If you are a beginner and using the projector for the first time, then don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Here is discussed complete step-by-step guide for flipping the image upside down on your Macbook pro or windows pc. Furthermore, we will discuss the reasons for image flipping and their fixing.

In this article, we will discuss image flipping for Epson and other brands like Vankyo and Optoma. The general method for all is the same. There will be minor differences in settings. Let’s have a glance at how to flip the projector image upside down?

How to flip the projector image upside down, Epson?

Is the image from your Epson projector upside-down? A good number of projector users will have to cross this bridge at some point.

The Epson projector is one of the well-known brands in the projector industry. Although when you set you do not get such an issue yet, sometimes you may get the upside-down video problem that you never want to see. It has sometimes been observed there is no reason for image flipping, but on the other hand, this issue may be present. A few reasons why this problem occurs are discussed below.

Wrong configuration of the projector

One of the key reasons why you find this problem is the wrong configuration of your Epson projector. Maybe the settings are not ok. We all know settings for the projector are critical, and sometimes one toggle can turn the settings. You can reset the projector settings to solve the problem.

Wrong mounting position

When you mount the projector on the ceiling, make sure you are going in the right direction. Maybe the reason for the wrong image direction is the wrong adjustment of the projector on the ceiling or on the mounting table. Make sure to adjust your projector fit to the screen.

The Epson models are available to adjust on the ceiling as they are easy to access and have few interruptions. So, before you install, check for the right position so there will be no image flipping.

Fault in projector lens

One more reason the image is flipped upside down in your Epson projector is faulty lenses. The lens plays a significant role in displaying the right image. So, the high-quality lenses, focal length, and positioning play a significant role in displaying the right image.

If your Epson projector has a low-quality image, it may be a problem. So, you can check it and replace it with new high-quality lenses to overcome the problem. Sometimes you may not need to change, but incorrect installation cause issue. In that case, take our lens correctly and reinsert back or take the assistance of an expert if you don’t know the right technique.

Maximum Resolution and Size

The maximum resolution and size of the image also cause upside-down image problems. The projector lenses may be maxed out, the image becomes a blur, and it rotates automatically. Thus, in that situation, change the lenses to overcome the problem.

Fixing upside down projector

If you are thinking about how to flip the image upside down, Then don’t worry. We have a solution for you. Let’s check the steps to fix Epson’s projector flipping issue.

Resetting the projector

The first step to overcoming the flipping problem of the projector is to reset the projector. Most of the time, settings automatically go wrong, and resetting helps resolve the issue. If you cannot reset it, then take your projector to the technician.

Configuration of projector

After setting, you need to configure your projector. Each device has its features and settings. You can check the manual to do so. Even if you cannot understand, then take the assistance of an expert to help you do so.

Changing of projection mode

You can change the projection of your Epson projector mounted on the ceiling. Upside down its position to get the right image display.

Projection modes

Epson projector comes with various modes. The popular one is a G sensor that detects the projection position automatically and turns the projector image according to the position. Some projectors lack this feature, and you can adjust the settings with the help of remote or control buttons. You can navigate through the menu options to resolve the problem.

Changing of projector model

To change the projector mode, follow the steps given below

  • First, connect your projector to a phone, media source, or cable box. 
  • Power up projector with remote control or manually
  • Press the menu button to check the options in the menu bar
  • Use arrow keys to navigate the menu and click on Extended
  • Now come to projection. You will find four options
  1. Front means the projector projects image straight on the front of the screen when the projector position is upright
  2. The rear is the projection on the reversed image on the screen and used for rear projection when the projector is upright
  3. Front cleaning is for projector mounted upside down, and it flips image top/bottom and reveres it left for front projection.
  4. The rear ceiling flips the image but does not reverse it. The main purpose is for rear projection in an upside-down position.

Navigation to desired option and projector is mounted upside down for front projection you need to select the Front ceiling.

After doing the setting, exit the menu by pressing the menu button again.

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Method: 2

In this method turn, the project and image are projected

Press the mute button present on the remote and hold for a few seconds.

The image may disappear for a second or two and reappear. At this time, the image will be flipped in the opposite direction.

One drawback of using this method is that you can only flip the image in one direction, which is suitable for the front ceiling projection mode.

Changing of projector Lens

You can check the projector lens to see if the lens is properly configured or not. If the projector is mounted correctly, then it means there is an issue with the lens. The upside image needs the lens replacement. Or you can put it the incorrect way. It also helps in resolving the problem.

You can also zoom out the image and make the image smaller to get the right position of the image.

Things to remember

Ø  If you are resolving an upside-down image problem and are unable to do so, then don’t do experiments and consult the expert.

Ø  Read the manual carefully to confirm functions and avoid further troubleshooting.

Ø  The projector must be properly centered to avoid key stoning

Ø  If the projector position is alright and the lens is correct, then it means there is some defect in the projector, and there is a need for replacement.

Setting for Optoma projector image.

If you want to know how to flip the image upside down for an Optoma projector, follow the steps below.

·         Open the menu option from the remote control.

·         Scroll in the right direction and click on setup

·         Select projection

·         Change it to “Front ceiling.”

The setting for the Mitsubishi projector

For Mitsubishi, you can get the answer to the question of how to flip the projector image upside down in the following steps given below.

·         Open the setting menu with the remote control

·         Scroll the reverse image direction

·         Select mirror invert( it is for the projector hanging from the ceiling.

The flip image on the ViewSonic projector

·         To view sonic, click on setting.

·         Tap on the spanner icon

·         Click on projector position.

·         Now select the front ceiling for devices and flip the projector image upside down.

Rotating screen in Hitachi

·         You can change the setting in Hitachi by scrolling down to the installation.

·         Choose the front ceiling for the upside device.


When the projector image gets upside down, it creates frustration. Interruption during a movie or game always gives an annoying feeling. So, if you are facing a problem, then apply these simple steps to overcome the issue. Otherwise, take it to a technician to resolve the problem without wasting time.