How to hide computer screen on projector

You will want to use Projector Mode or Extend Desktop Mode if you want your audience to focus on your presentation or movie without having to look at your laptop. Depending on the version of Windows or macOS you’re running, you can activate one of these modes.

You may also switch between settings in a variety of ways. You may utilize Windows shortcut keys or the laptop’s shortcut keys. Here’s the nitty-gritty on How to hide computer screen on projector.

How to Hide Computer Screen on Projector

Going into Projector Mode will allow you to hide your computer screen from your projector. When your projector is the only screen and your computer is switched off, this is the mode you’ll be in.

When giving a presentation, you normally use Duplicate Screen Mode to duplicate or mirror your laptop and projector screens. Because some people find this disturbing, you can only use Projector Mode to switch on your projector. Access it with Windows Key + P.

If you want to turn off Projector Mode but still want to hide your computer screen, you may use Extend Display Mode instead. 

The projector screen is independent of your laptop screen in this case. It’s the section of your computer desktop that extends beyond the screen.

When it comes to concealing (part of) your PC screen from appearing on your projector screen, Extend Mode is your best chance with macOS or Mac OS devices.

If you wish to temporarily hide your display while keeping the computer operational, go to the Windows Start button, pick “Sleep,” and then click the arrow next to “Shut Down.” 

choose “Sleep” from the drop-down menu. When you push the power button to wake up the laptop, your session is saved and the screen turns dark.

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Using Windows to Change Projector Modes

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Press the Windows Key and then tap the letter “P” Key to return to Projector Mode. It allows you to switch between several different modes. You can hide your computer screen from the projector using one or two of them.

Increase the size of the display

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To extend screen real estate, this can be used by both the projector and the second (or third) monitor. It entails using multiple monitors to enlarge your laptop’s virtual desktop. 

Playing your video or slideshow on a second projector screen “extension” will allow you to hide your laptop screen.

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Only on the second screen

When people say “Projector Mode,” they usually mean this. When the PC screen is turned off and the projector screen is switched on, the laptop screen is hidden on the projector.

Screen Replica

Mirror Mode, as it’s also known among users, involves the projector mirroring what you see on your laptop screen. Both the projector and the laptop are sharing or duplicating a single screen.

Only on a computer screen

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This occurs when the projector screen is turned off during Duplicate Screen or Extend Display mode, leaving only the computer or laptop screen visible.


We discussed in this article how to hide computer screen on projector. There are a variety of methods for concealing your notebook PC or laptop screen from the projector. Toggle between Duplicate Screen, PC Screen Only, Extend Display, and Second Screen Only modes until you find the one that best hides your laptop screen from your projector screen.

Expand Display mode is the greatest way since it lets you use your PC screen while your presentation or movie is paused or playing on the projector screen. If you do not want to switch off your PC screen, you can use the Second Display mode.