How to hide projector wires

The installation of projectors is a very crucial part especially the connection phase; as the hanging connection wires might make your room look ugly and dangling. So if you know how to hide projector wires then it won’t be a trouble anymore…right!

Now if you’ve bought a brand new projector for the bedroom ceiling and start feeling that the room is filled with wires then there are plenty of options mentioned in the article.

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1. Cover the wires with cable tunnels

This is one of the easiest ways to hide the wires; as the wires could be tucked into the plastic or metal tubes very conveniently. Just peel off the paper backing on the tunnel and stick it with the ceiling leading up to the projector. After that feed the wires in to keep them contained.

  1. The best part is that cable tunnels remain stick to the wall. It allows you to run the cable from the projector to the outlet.
  2. Once all of this has been done start painting the cable tunnels to match them with the color of the room – making them even less obvious.

2. Tuck the wires behind crown molding

Generally, crown molding doesn’t consider an effective way to hide the wires. However, you could use it for a nice decoration. Plus you’ll also find a space behind the crown molding to tuck in the wires – making it perfect for hiding projector cables.

Just pass the cables along the top of the wall and attach the cable ties or electrical staples with the crown molding. Now hang the crown molding in front of the wires to keep them hidden.

  1. If the molding is already in place tuck the wires through the opening space of the crown molding.
  2. During the process make sure to place the projector close to the molding; so the wires could be hidden behind it. In case if it doesn’t work out then you could use cable tunnels to cover the wire before it reaches the molding.
  3. If you don’t have crown molding then use ordinary molding instead. However, it won’t hide them completely but it doesn’t make them less noticeable.

3. Wires down a window frame

On the other hand, if you have a window in the room try to make the most out of it. Simply pass the wires towards the windows then along the top of the frame. After that attach it with staples or wire ties. Keep passing the cable along with the frame; as you turn down the wall it stays hidden the whole way.

  1. First, pick a side of the window that even you can’t see as well. At the same time if the entryway faces one side of the window then pass the wire down the other side so it’s less noticeable.
  2. To make the process more efficient try to hang the projector as close to the window as possible; so the running wire won’t be noticeable to others.
  3. In case if the projector is far away from the window then use the cable tunnels to cover it till it reaches the window.

4. Hang soundproofing material to cover the wires

This is another efficient technic that can be used to hide projector wires. Till now you must have used the soundproofing material just for the sake of the home theater. Luckily there are also some other uses of it; as you could easily tuck wires into it.

Whenever someone speaks about soundproofing material you must have imagined ugly, gray foam all over the walls. Fortunately, this isn’t the case here because different soundproofing options could be used for the sake of hiding wires.

Here the sound-dampening curtains, panels, drapes, or tapestries could also be used to hide the wires as soundproofing options. It won’t only hide the wires but also improves the theater sound as well. You could get the soundproofing material from any nearby hardware shop.

5. Sneak wires behind your couch and other furniture

While installing a projector try to hide the wires by making the most out of the things or furniture found in your room. Try to hide the wires behind the couch, desk, bookcases, shelves, cabinets, or anything you could find in the room. Using this technic the wires will be covered and out of anybody’s sight.

During the process try to hide the wires – especially behind the tall bookcases; as they’re great for hiding wires.

6. Run the wires through the ceiling and wall

This is a more efficient and complicated solution. As you can see instead of running the wires across the ceiling to the wall simply pass the wire through a small hole made just above the projector.

During the process keep feeding the wire into the hole until it reaches the power outlet. It’ll keep the wires entirely hidden.

As you can see that it includes whole a lot of complexities. So if you feel right then you could also take the help of a professional as well.

7. Go wireless to eliminate receiver wires

Using this trick you could cut down on the number of wires you have to hide. You could do this easily by using the HDMI and USB inputs found on any projector. Plus by implementing this trick you won’t have to worry about hiding the cables anymore.

By using this trick the receiver wires would be eliminated. However, you’re still going to need a power cable.


  1. Before implementing any of these given technics make sure that you’ve made the right measurement from the path to the power outlet. As you can see if the wires may not reach the power outlets in case of wrong measurements.
  2. Try to keep the wires together by tying them. Because any loose wires could sneak into view over time.
    Generally, cable ties are the tools that contain the wires and stick to the ceiling or wall. Whether you pass the wires around a window, down the wall, or even behind the desk, they’ll stay in place with cable ties.


After exploring the overall article you’ll be able to hide the projector wires more efficiently. However, if you could go wireless then it could also eliminate most of your problems more easily.