How to make the projector brighter?

It does not matter where are you using your projector? Whether it is your living room or home theatre, the very light or dim brightness can ruin your watching experience on the projector. And you will have the worst day ever in your life. So, if you are facing the issues of how to make the projector brighter, then it is 100 and 10% sure that the following guidelines will be very helpful to resolve your problem. In this article, it will be cleared everything to you related to increasing the brightness of your projector. Moreover, you will also get the idea of the projectors that is the most suitable process to increase the luminosity. Or which is the best projector for the outputs of lumens bright?

There are almost five features that help to set or improve your projector’s luminosity. Let’s begin to explain them one by one.

1. Choose the manual setting:

The very first thing that you must have to do is the setting of your projector. Following are some steps to understand how to set the brightness according to your demand?

· Firstly, go to the projector settings.
· Find the settings of brightness.
· Adjust the brightness from 0 to 100.

It is not being suggested you keep your projector’s setting above 50 or 60. But keep in mind that taking care of your eyes should be your first and foremost duty. So, adjust the brightness according to your eyesight demand.

2. Clean the lens of your projector:

First of all, here is the best answer to your question, how to make my projector brighter? It is your priority to clean your projector from the dust by avoiding placing them in a dirty area. So, if your projector’s lenses get dusty, then clean them with a microfiber cloth. You must require the lens cleaning solution as well for the perfect cleaning. It might make it possible to increase the dim light of your projectors.

3. Changing of the bulb:

When you use the projector a lot or it’s been a long time since your last use, the intensity of the bulb starts losing its light. Due to this issue, it is not able to produce a bright image and you have no more enjoyment left with your projector. Then, it will be best to change your projectors’ bulbs.

And yes, try to visit one or more sites for knowing about the best company that can have genuine bulbs. It will definitely boost the brightness of your projectors. But if you do not understand the features of the bulb before buying. And you bring the wrong bulb that won’t suit your projector. This can cause serious issues with your projector. So, be aware to escape yourself from such situations.

4.  Change the mode of the projector:

There is a chance of the brightness becoming lower if you do not change the eco mode. You must change it to the highest lumens output mode. This name is different in every projector so don’t get worried. Check your settings and try them manually to make the dim light best in brightness.

Basically, you are being instructed to use minimum power while your projector is in eco mode. There is a second option for you as well and that is you can choose the “cool color temperature”. This feature will only set your brightness in the good point but cannot give them the image like real life.

5. Clean the exhaust port:

It is a fact that when you turn on your projector at the highest lumens output, it will automatically start producing more heat than the normal mode. So, it will be good for you and your projector as well to clean the air intake and exhaust port almost twice or thrice a year. It will give you the point of how to make my projector brighter?

 Will the projector screen make the brightness good?

Yes, of course, it depends on the screen of your projector that what it gains. The color of the optimal projector screen is grey because of the ambient color of your room. It is great for you and can be used in both situations i.e with and without light.

If your projector screen is the ambient light rejection, then, it will be the greatest in the ambient lightroom. Another thing, that can make your projector image bright, is projector screen gain. If you keep this feature of your projector greater than 1.0 then the coming light reflection towards you will be maximum.

How much brightness your projector should have?

The main question that comes to everybody’s mind is, how bright your projector should be? So, here is the answer for your convenience. It is good to have a bright projector but excess brightness can also affect your image. So, choose only one thing and that is, “unit of brightness”. The units name are:

· Lumens.
· ANSI lumens.

You should go with 2000 to 3000 lumens while using your projector at homes or indoor meetings in your office to give it a cinematic or theater look. But for using outdoor or in the bigger venue, you should keep the lumens of 3000 to 5000.

Let’s understand the difference between the above-given units.

Measurement in Lumens and ANSI:

The amount of light that is emitted by the projector light sources is called Lumens. On the other hand, when the complete light falls on the projector screen, then it is named the Lux. And this is the final destination of the brightness that is measured in Lumens.

But if you choose the light for such rooms that are already well-lit, then it will be suggested you go with ANSI lumens. It will be definitely helpful to you and give you accurate information about your projector’s brightness. This useful info will be about how the projector emits the lumens and spread over the screen?

Further features of what you can do more?

· Firstly, you should use the high-gain screen of the projector. It would provide you with the best bright image rather to have a dim light image. Because the projector will have the capability to reflect most of the projected light.

· It is most important to have a grey projector screen. If you are using white, instantly change it with the color grey.

· Many home theaters have ambient-controlled light. So, friendly advice is being given to all the projector users if their room has no control over the ambient light. Then, they must put curtains over the windows to stop the coming ambient light.

· The larger the projector is, the dimmest image you will have of your projectors. If you have a plan to buy a projector screen of about 150 to 200 inches then, immediately drop it. Because if you choose the biggest projector screen, the projector lumen will spread on this larger screen. And perhaps, this issue of having a large screen will make the projector image dim. So, the size of about 100 inches will be fine and equal to the size of the TV. And it is enough bigger than any normal screen.

· It will also be safe to have a bright image if you put your projector near the screen. And if you are planning to buy the new one, then, the very first, you must go with the ultra-short throw.

Choose projector before shopping in terms of brightness

Many projectors can be used in bright conditions. They are available at reasonable prices. You must select a suitable budget that will be very helpful to you to have the genuine one with a limited warranty. And this can only be possible when you throw a glance at the articles of different sites of the companies.

Brightness is affected by the factors

No matter where you want to keep your projector. Whether it is your home theater, living room, school, or your office for a presentation. There is only the biggest factor, that will affect your brightness, and this is ambient light. Other than this, size and distance are also from those that will definitely become the cause of affecting brightness. But, it can be said that they are also almost to happen in the projectors if you do not keep them properly.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

Ambient light:

The surroundings of the projector matter a lot. If you are going to use the projector where the ambient light is much, then it will create a dim image. Whereas, when there is less presence or complete absence of ambient light, then you will have a sharp as well as a better color image. And of course, this will give you the best experience of enjoying your projector.

Lots of ambient light will make the projector do a competition with the extra light. This will provide you with a vivid image while using the projector anywhere for some purposes. And that is not less than the biggest headache for everyone especially, glasses users.

Maintain the distance:

The distance is also one of the main factors that occur between the projectors and a screen. The long-distance between these both can also cause problems. The light of the projector will have to cross a long distance while traveling to a screen. This emitted light will definitely scatter in the environment rather than reach its destiny. That’s why the projector loses much amount of light in its environment. This causes an image to become dim.

On the other hand, the lower the distance you will keep, the brighter image will be produced by a projector. It will let you clear everything that is disturbed by a low light image.

There is another way of understanding this phenomenon, and that is torchlight. It is possible to have a bright picture when you use it from a less distance. Instead of using the torchlight from a distance of 10 feet. It will also spread on the wall and create a dim image. So, for the small and bright flashlight circle, use it at a low distance.

You can use two types of projector if you want your image to be large on a screen with less distance. These projectors are,

· Short-throw projector.
· Ultra short-throw projector.

By using the first projector, the images will be projected from 2-3 feet away. The second projector can make a 100-inch image if you put it away 7 inches from the screen.

Size’s requirement:

With the fewer lumens projector, the brightness of your projector won’t be sufficient to cover the big screen of your using projectors. Besides this, the small projector screen will be bright if the projector keeps the fewer lumens output. If you want the big screen to show you the brightest projection, it is humbly suggested you go with such lumens that are quite high-rated. Definitely, it will be the best one to understand the situation of your mind first

Extracted conclusion:

Do you bother to dim light a lot anywhere you use the projectors? Well, it is a considerable thing that, in the darkroom, the projectors work accurately. But how long can you sit in such a terrifying room alone? Most of the users also do not have many rooms to set the projector for getting the bright image.

So, you must have an idea, how to make my projector brighter? Without spending on buying the new projector, follow the above-given tips first. Still, if you want a new one, then, you should know all the features and factors of the projector. That which lumens output is the best as well as high than the normal projector available in home cinemas.

Sometimes, the projectors, then the high-definition televisions, provide you with the clearest and even the large picture. They become ideal for the offices where the projector is kept when it is required for several as well as different presentations in a room. Besides the offices, you can also keep them in a room because they are able to generate the best pictures that are not done by any largest flat-screen LEDs. Moreover, the projectors are currently available in the markets at a fraction of the prices. It will be the key to obtaining the best brightness and quality if you adjust the picture of your projector carefully.