How to mount a projector without drilling 2022

Today the projectors are used in different places for different tasks, such as in offices for presentations and in homes for entertainment.

Not everyone owns their house and can drill holes and install shelves wherever they wish to put their projector for a home cinema experience. Although, it could be challenging for people living on rent to take permission from the landlords to mount holes in the walls.

By the way, people could avoid these problems if they know — How to mount a projector without drilling?

In this article, we have discussed quick and simple steps to mount a projector without drilling. So you could mount a projector in the homes or offices without any damage. Now without wasting any more time, let start the discussion that will be full of surprises for you.

However, by using the same methods you could even mount the best projector for the bedroom ceiling as well. Now without wasting any more time, let’s start the discussion that will be full of surprises for you.

How to mount a projector without drilling?

Using a Screen Stand of Projector

The users could go for the projector screen stand to avoid any damage near the surrounding walls of offices or homes. The installation of the projector screen is an easy task. In other words — it would be a piece of cake for you.

So now people don’t have to worry about mounting a projector without drilling. Furthermore, due to its low weight, it’s also highly portable. Therefore you could carry the projector screen anywhere at any time. So the readers could also use it for outdoor events.

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Using L-Shaped Wall Hangers

Another alternative step to mount the projector without drilling is the use of L-Shaped Wall Hangers. You could easily use any normal screen with it instead of a projector screen which also makes it budget-friendly as well.

Now, let’s discuss the process of using this tool first of all the L-Shaped Hanger must be stuck to the wall through an adhesive. Furthermore, the reader has to hang the screen using this tool. Well now just sit straight and enjoy the beautiful moments.

Using this trick the user would be able to save lots of money as it’ll only use wood, PVC, or any other robust material. Moreover, the user would be able to enjoy an organized and stylish look of the living room or office room easily.

Using Hardwall Hangers

This would be a useful trick for users looking to mount a projector without drilling at a more reasonable price. Although this trick includes the use of nails the thing is that it would be very hard for anyone to notice it due to its small size.

The nails used in this tool are already attached to the hangers so you won’t need — to hammer around the nails. Furthermore, you just need to tap the hangers into the walls before mounting the projector screen. The strength of these hangers is quite remarkable as they could even bear the weight of 60-inch television like it’s nothing for them.

Its strongly recommended to the readers to take the proper measurement first before mounting the projector. As it can’t be adjusted vertically after getting mounted on the walls of the home or office.

Using Hanging Strips

The cost of the hanging strips is very low and is mostly used for hanging mirrors, paintings, or pictures. Although it can also be used for mounting a projector without drilling at a reasonable price.

The readers need to clean the surface by rubbing alcohol properly before attaching the hanging strips to the wall and projector. But it is strongly recommended to avoid the use of water or household cleaners. As it’ll make the attachment of the hanging strip difficult due to the slippery residue.

Now after cleaning the surface you just need to tear the strip apart and attach one strip to one wall while another one on the projector. Furthermore, you need to press the strips gently for at least 30 seconds.

In the end, before attaching the projector you must wait for at least one hour so that the adhesive could be bonded. This will make it strong enough to bear at least a weight of 15 pounds.

Using Brick Clamps

The brick clamps are normally used by the people who desired to mount the projector without drilling on a brick wall without damaging the surroundings.

Before using or purchasing the brick clamps you must measure the required depth of the mortar. The readers also need to make sure that the bricks have smooth edges as they’ll be used to hold the bricks.

You need to do proper research in understanding its installation process and the way these clips work. If you’re having trouble then go for expert advice or customer support in case of an online purchase.

Using Command Hooks

The readers could also go for the command hooks known as an easy solution to mount a projector without drilling. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed to know that it can be removed from the walls whenever you want and leaves no marks.

The command hooks are very easy to install or set up all you have to do is just measure the length of the projector screen first. Now you’ll have to attach the hooks according to the measurement. This could bear at least a weight of 15 pounds but in case you want to hang more heavy staff then you could use some extra hooks.

Where to mount the projector screen?

The location to mount a projector is very important to understand. Because if you choose the wrong place then you won’t be able to enjoy your free time so a perfect place for mounting a projector matters a lot.

To have an uninterrupted experience it is recommended that you must not mount the projector anywhere near the light; as it can affect the visual quality.

The hallway won’t also be ideal for mounting the projector as people would tress pass from there. This could also interrupt your experience plus it’ll be very annoying for you.

So the suitable place for mounting the projector could be the one that offers a good view from every corner of the room and it’s exactly opposite to the sofa.

Things to know before mounting a projector

In this topic, we have discussed numerous solutions to mount a projector without drilling. So the user could go for the solution that suits its surrounding conditions.

Before attempting any of these solutions it is recommended that you must check the conditions of your walls. Because it could be possible that your wall won’t be good enough to hold the projector this could result in several damages.

The more ideal way to avoid all of these risks is to go for the projector screen stand which is easy to set up. Although if you still can’t set it up then go for the services of an expert.

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The projector can be mounted easily by drilling holes although mounting a projector without drilling is a tricky task for any person.

In this topic, we have discussed different ways to mount a projector without drilling. Some of these methods include risk while others are better or safe so you could go for any method that suits your surrounding conditions.

But like we discussed earlier in this topic before selecting any solution you must keep in mind the condition of the wall of your apartment or office.

On the other hand, if you feel that it’s difficult for you then it’s recommended that ask for any expert services.