How to release control panel lock on epson projector

With the increased use of projectors in public spaces, owners require exclusive control over their projectors. Passwords and other security measures are available to help with this.

how to release control panel lock on epson projector

The lock on your Epson projector’s control panel prevents you from making any changes to the projector settings.

You are unable to repair any problems with the projector’s software. In the event of a problem, you cannot control the projector manually and must contact a technician for repair.

So the question is How to release control panel lock on Epson projector?

When it comes to old projector technology and its control panel, Epson is a well-known brand.

If you’ve ever used this projector, you’ll notice that the control panel appears locked when you turn it on.

This is because the projector detects that you are not using a remote and thus locks the control panel.

This article will go over the control panel lock in great detail. This is your chance to learn how to activate or deactivate the Epson projector’s control panel lock!

Epson’s Projector Control Panel Lock

Epson introduces new features that address the concerns of its end users with each upgrade and new projector model it releases.

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The Control Panel Lock is one of these features.

Control Panel

The control panel is an essential component of a projector that houses the projector’s basic operations. It is the section, that houses the projector’s various buttons and control options.

Following are the keys that you will find on your Epson control panel however it varies from different models of the Epson projector.

How to Release Control Panel Lock on Epson Projector
Epson’s Control Panel

1. projector status indicator
2. Source Search Button
3. The Enter key
4. horizontal/vertical keystone adjustment buttons and arrow buttons
5. The Help button
6. Esc
7. Wide/Tele buttons, horizontal keystone adjustment buttons
8. Button Menu
9. Power switch

How To Activate the Control Panel Lock on an Epson Projector?

You can prevent others from using the projector by locking the buttons on the control panel. You can lock all of the buttons or all but the power button.

Follow the simple steps below:

Step No: 01

Press the Menu button.

Step No: 02

Select the Settings menu and press Enter

Epson projector setting

Step No: 03

Select the Control Panel Lock setting and press Enter.

Step No: 04

Choose one of the following lock types and press Enter:

Select Full Lock to lock all of the projector’s buttons.
Select Partial Lock to lock all buttons except the power button.

A confirmation prompt appears.

Step No: 05

Enter after selecting Yes.

How to release control panel lock on Epson projector?

The control panel lock is a brilliant idea, but if you lose your remote controller, it can quickly become a problem.

If your remote is misplaced or broken while the control panel lock is on, you will be unable to operate your projector — well, almost.

You can buy a new remote controller for your specific projector model, or you can use our simple “hack” to unlock the control panel lock for free.

Follow the easy steps below to get to know how to release control panel lock on Epson projector.

Step No: 01

Power your Epson projector to an electric source.

Step No: 02

Turn on the power source and wait a few seconds for the projector to start up quickly.

Step No: 03

To bring the screen to life, press the power button.

Step No: 04

To reset the control panel, press and hold the “Enter” button for more than 7 seconds.

Step No: 05

Your projector will display a confirmation message indicating that the control panel has been reset.

Extra Tip

You can also use the remote control to turn off Control Panel Lock in the Settings menu.

Epson Projector Remote control

If the remote control buttons have been locked, press and hold the I button for 5 seconds to unlock them.

How do I disable the Epson projectors control panel lock?

To disable an Epson projector control panel lock, press and hold the “Menu” button for 3 seconds.

This will unlock the control panel and give you access to the projector’s menu and settings.

Types of Control Panel Locks

When the full control panel lock is activated, you can only use the remote controller to control your Epson projector.

The control panel lock has two modes that determine the level of operational restriction. Both modes will be discussed further below.

Full Lock

This mode disables all of the control panel’s buttons. It prevents you from performing any operation through the control panel, including power on/off functions.

Partial Lock

The partial lock mode disables the use of all but the power button on the control panel. As a result, you can still turn the projector on and off without using the remote.

why does Epson Projector Control Panel lock?

There are several reasons why you might want to lock your Epson projector’s control panel.

Perhaps you’re giving a presentation and don’t want anyone to change the settings by accident.

Perhaps you have small children and don’t want them to mess with the buttons.

Locking the control panel, for whatever reason, is simple and only takes a few seconds.

Simply press and hold the “Menu” button on your Epson projector for three seconds to lock the control panel.

The control panel will then be locked, and the projector will display an alert.

Simply press and hold the “Menu” button for three seconds again to unlock the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset an Epson projector?

Enter Device Preferences after selecting it. Enter after selecting Reset. A confirmation screen appears. To reset the projector, select Reset and press Enter.

What is the projector password?

To use the projector, you must enter the correct password. Hold down the Num button on the remote control while using the numeric buttons to enter the password. Please keep in mind that the default password is 0000.

How do I unfreeze my Epson projector?

On the remote control, press the FREEZE button. The word “FREEZE” will appear on the screen, and the projector will enter the FREEZE mode, where the image will be frozen.

Press the FREEZE button again to exit the FREEZE mode and return the screen to normal.

Why is my Epson remote not working?

Check that the remote control batteries are properly installed and have power. Replace the batteries as needed.

Check that you are using the remote control within the projector’s reception angle and range. Check that the projector is not heating up or shutting down.


Epson projectors are amazing pieces of technology, but keep in mind that they are still machines. They are bound to have problems, just like any other machine, and you should be prepared to deal with them when they do.

We’ve provided step-by-step instructions in this post on how to Release Control Panel Lock on Epson Projector and troubleshoot Epson projector issues.

This is both useful and necessary in the event of Epson projector repair or Epson projector troubleshooting. We hope you found this article useful. Thank you for your time!