How to test projector lamp is bad?

There are different projectors available on the online or local store based on their brand, price point, or style. Although there is also a common factor among all of these projectors: which is the lamp used to create images on the screen. This also leads to another question — how to test projector lamp is bad.

The life period of these lamps is also very limited like the bulbs found in any ordinary house and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the projector used in the past doesn’t offer the facility to replace the lamp. So if you’ll try to replace the lamp then it could also damage the projector.

Technology has made big progress in the last few years to reduce the threat of explosive failure. But it also has some drawbacks; as you can see without any knowledge of how many lumens is good for a projector. You can’t test whether the projector lamp is bad or not.

Luckily the projectors-rating is here to share some of the important ways to test the projector lamp. Now without any further delay let’s dive into the discussion.

Step 1: Check the lamp status on the projector

The users currently using the modern projectors can easily check the current status of the lamp and its remaining life cycle. If you’re new to the projectors then you should read out the user manual that comes with the modern projectors.

There are also several other sophisticated features available in the user manual that can guide a user if the lamp has burned out. Moreover, this can also be determined by the user through the yellow or red light flashes on the body of the projector when the lamp is dead or about to die.

Step 2: Diagnose the issue

Usually, most of the projectors have the lamp status feature. But if any of your projectors don’t have this feature then…no need to worry!

You could find out whether the projector lamp is bad or not by analyzing the problem. This won’t be a big deal for any who uses the projector regularly. As they can easily notice the decline in the brightness or contrast of an image which indicates a lamp failure.

The user should first turn on the projector and observe the displayed images. If the images are wavering or flickering then this means that the lamp is dying.

On the other hand, there are no displayed images after turning on the projectors so we could conclude that the projector lamp has completely stopped functioning.

Step 3: Replace the lamp

The most simple solution for this problem is to test the lamp by replacing the old lamp with the new one and fixing it in the projector.

Now switch on the projector and check whether it solves the problem or not. But before buying a new lamp or throwing out the old one. You must know that projector lamps cost a high amount and can long last for more time as compared to any light bulb.

If you’re still confused in determining that the projector lamp is bad or not then visit your regular electronics shop with the projector. But make sure that the shop must sell those items that you are interested in.

Now connect the lamp with the projector there and see if it solves the problem. In case if that doesn’t work out then the sales representative of the store will start diagnosing the real problem.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can Projector Lamps be Replaced?

After exploring the article you must know that the answer is…yes. So you won’t need to purchase a new projector; as you can replace its lamp easily.

How to replace projector lamps?

The lamp of the projector could be replaced by following some simple steps

1. In the first step, you must turn off the projector and unplug it. Now let it cool down for a few minutes.
2. You have to open the part holding the lamps. This task can be performed using different methods depending upon your projector.
3. Now remove the module of the lamp
4. Insert the new lamp. But make sure to hold the bulb with your bare hands.
5. In the end, put everything back together

Where do I buy a new projector lamp (a better one this time)?

Most of the projectors face the issue of projector lamp failure so finding a replacement for that won’t be a big deal.

There could be various projector stores available in your area all you have to do is just enter the store and buy a new bulb. But if you’re new to the projectors you could even avail the services of the representative of the store to resolve the problem.

How do I know if my projector lamp needs replacement?

Based on the discussed test there could be 5 ways to know that your projector lamp needs replacement.

1. If the images of a projector are still dull and blurry even after turning up the brightness in a dark room. This means that the lamp is dimming.
2. The flicker of images for any known reason indicates that the projector lamp is about to go.
3. In the case of the flashing indicator lights, the user could assume that the lamps are getting weak.
4. Check out the color-shifting if the lamps of a projector are weak then it would affect the color accuracy.
5. ake the projector to an expert to test the strength of the projector’s lamp.

Do projector lamps go bad?

Well, a projector’s lamp can go “bad” while sitting on the shelf. However, the warranty of any projector mostly expires after 3 – 6 months whether you use it or not.

Therefore if you’ve installed a new projector lamp and you find that it’s not working after one or two years. In that case, there is no way you’re going to get a replacement there.


The lamps used in different projectors could last for a longer time. You would be surprised to know that a projector lamp bulb could last for 2000 hours. Although there are other lamps available in the market that can last for a longer time.

Unfortunately most of the time the projector lamps could get failed even before the stated lifespan.

So if you’re using a projector lamp for a long time then it’s time for the replacement; as it’s one of the first signs that your lamp is bad.

Furthermore, users new to projectors and who don’t know how to test projector lamps is bad can use these steps to avoid any problems.