How to make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass

As we all know that projectors could offer very large and clear images on a large screen. But do you know how to make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass? So you won’t have to buy an expensive projector.

Well if you don’t know this then there is nothing to worry about. Because in this article Projectors Rating will show you how to make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass – using the old stuff from your house.

The best part about this DIY projector is that you won’t have to waste time testing the projector lamp whether it’s bad or not. Plus you also won’t have to perform a wide range of research on how to connect coaxial cable to a projector as well.

Just build your homemade projector and start enjoying image projection on big screens. Without purchasing manufactured projectors that have advanced technology.

Building a smartphone projector using a glass bulb

What are the materials that you need?

Before start building a smartphone projector using a glass bulb make sure that you have all the material given below:

  1. A smartphone
  2. Phone Stand
  3. Bulb
  4. Shoebox with cover
  5. Water
  6. A bottle top
  7. Pen/Pencil
  8. Scissors or razor blade
  9. Tape or glue

The material shown above could be found in your home or any nearby shop. Plus these materials will also make the process quick and simple as long as you follow the steps keenly.

Moreover, the steps to create a smartphone projector without a magnifying glass are quite simple. You could follow the steps given below:

  1. First, start gathering all the materials. As mentioned earlier it could be easily found in your home; ensure that you have all of them at your table.
  2. Now start cutting a small cover of the bulb carefully. By using any sharp material such as scissors. Remove all the contents and remain with only the glass cover
  3. After that take a pen and start tracing the circular shape of the bulb on one of the small sides of the shoebox and another piece of carton. Once it’s done cut off the traced part carefully.
  4. Open up the shoebox and place the bulb inside the shoebox next to the cut outside. Place the glass bulb upside down with the opening we made facing up.
  5. Place the other side that you cut out on the other side of the glass bulb. During the process make sure that they fit perfectly in the box. You could also use some tape and glue to hold them together firmly.
  6. Now pour some water into the glass side until it gets full. Close the top of the bulb with a bottle top once it’s full. Use some tape or glue to secure it and make it tight.
  7. Spot the other smaller side of the box and place the phone stand inside there. Ensure that the stand perfectly fits inside.

During the process, you might find it hard to get a phone stand that fits perfectly in the box. Therefore we’re going to make it more comfortable; making a basic one that freely moves inside the box. Here the main purpose of the stand is going to hold the phone inside the box.

  1. Play the movie or video on your phone
  2. Now slide the phone inside the box and leave it in a position that produces clear images. During this don’t forget to place the phone upside down.
  3. Your homemade projector is almost done. Just place the box cover on top and ensure everything is enclosed. In case the part of the bottle top that sits in is longer than the box’s height it could be cut out.

You must have understood by now that the bottle top is used to close the bulb for the sack of maximum concentration of light for projection purposes. At the same time, the top of the bulb could also be covered with just cardboard instead of a bottle top.

How does the homemade projector work?

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the basic operations that could be done by your new invention. As you can see you’re using a glass bulb filled with water having a lens capable to manipulate or produce larger images from the light produced by the smartphone.

Just place your phone upside down to produce upright images. Now here are some of the key advantages that you’ll enjoy while using a glass bulb projector instead of a technology projector:

  1. Unlike the technology projector, they could be built more easily. Plus gathering all the required stuff would take less than 30 minutes only and you’ll be good to go.
  2. Here comes the best part as you can see you could get all the things from your disposal to build one for yourself. This makes the homemade projectors very much cost-effective.
  3. While using a glass bulb projector you’ll have the same efficiency as you do on other technology projectors. They produce large and quality images.
  4. Plus the glass bulb projectors are also relatively more portable and light.
  5. They’re easily replaceable. Both types are delicate however the homemade projectors are more easily replaceable.
  6. It could serve a huge audience and you can enjoy movies and videos with your friends.

Helpful tips to consider when making glass bulb projectors

  1. You better determine the right distance of the phone from the glass bulb first. Before even you start to cover the shoebox. Simply identify the place where the image is more clear and better in quality.
  2. Use only shoeboxes with darker interiors. In case you have a shoebox with bright colors such as white use dark materials to cover the sides inside the box.

This tip is for facilitating the concentration of light in the glass bulb:

  1. Once the interiors of the shoebox are dark ensure that your phone’s brightness is at maximum to produce better picture quality with more light.
  2. Place your phone upside down to have upright images.
  3. Use an appropriate size of box if the size of the box is too small then the contents might not fit. While the concentration of light on the bulb won’t be much effective with the larger box.


The homemade projector could be an excellent solution to most of your problems. Although manufactured projectors have more customized settings; they operate using the same principles.

Plus the projectors are also very much easy to make use of and efficient. All information that you need to build one for yourself has been mentioned in the article. So make one for yourself to save both money and resources.