What happens when the projector overheats?

Overheating is the major problem faced by 98% of projectors. Because of this overheating the lamp of projector fails to work properly. This is the basic problem found in nearly all projectors.

It happens in every brand, quality, and type. Projectors use different kinds of lamps, bulbs, and lasers that produce a certain amount of heat to produce a brighter image which results in overheating of a projector.

If you are wondering what happens when the projector overheats? Then we have a solution for the overheating may close your projector when you are operating it. While in some cases, the lamp may explode due to overheating,

Factors responsible for overheating

1. Location

If you have the projector in a small space from where heat cannot escape resulting in overheating. Restricted airflow is a significant cause of overheating.

While placing the projector you should have to keep in mind that the projector needs space to breathe in and breathe out. Airflow can also be restricted if we do not bother following things.

  • Projectors are placed on a soft, unbreathable surface, for example on a sofa or a carpet.
  • Projectors you are placing on a shelf where there is no ventilation at all.
  • Placing it in a room with no ventilation
  • The projector is placed in a box that is too small

2. Air filters

If you have placed the projector in the right place where there is proper ventilation or on a breathable surface and still the projector is overheating, then check the filters. The filters must have some faults or they may be covered with dust that disturbs the functioning of the projector.

3. External Heating source

The external source may be the reason for overheating the projector. It produces heat and this can be a laptop, gaming console, or any other sort of machine that produce heat continuously.

4. Blocked fan

The blocked fan can be the reason for overheating of projectors. Check the fan maybe it is clogged with dirt and dust.

How to Prevent Projectors from Overheating?

There are some possible ways by which we can prevent our projectors from overheating.

1. Invest in a Cooling pad

This is the best possible way to cool down the projector when it is overheated, cooling pads are designed to cool down the machines that are heated up while working and producing cranky sounds.

Cooling pads are of various sizes and shapes that will help you in solving your problem of overheating.

2. Monitor Room Temperature

You can face the problem of overheating if you have a small room that is not ventilated. You may want to have the AC for the room in which the projector is working. If you do not have then maintain the room temperature.

3. Change the Location

One of the best solutions to prevent overheating is to change the location and mount it on the ceiling. This gives the projector some space to release heat.

While mounting there should be sufficient place between the ceiling and projector to release heat and let the air come in.

Projectors should be placed on a surface that is not dusty, not compact, and not so close to anything that blocks the release of heat and blocks air circulation.

4. Switch It Up

When the projector overheats switch it off and let it cool down. This increases the shelf life of your lamp. you can check if your projector’s lamp is in bad condition

5. Cleanor Fix Air Filter

Cleaning of air filters is necessary to prevent your projector from overheating. There is no need to arrange a professional for cleaning or fixing or air filters. You can learn from YouTube.

6. Wait To Cover

Never ever cover your projector while you are working. Wait until it cools down before covering it. If you put the cover when it’s working it produces heat that results in overheating.


How do I cool down my projector?

You should take into consideration certain things like cleaning the filters, placing cooling pads, checking the condition of the fan, moving to a ventilated space, and maintaining the room temperature. Also removing the clutter from the projector results in cooling down.

How do I stop my projector from overheating?

You should ensure proper airflow in and out of the projector, for this, you have to place it in a properly ventilated place, and regular cleaning of filters.

Is it Normal for a projector to get hot?

Yes, it’s normal, the projector heats when the lamp heats up to create a projection. The brighter or clearer image projected produces more heat up to 300 degrees.


It’s a common feature of projectors to get heated up, by considering the above parameters the heating temperature may drop up to an extent.

For these, you don’t need any technician you can do it by yourself. Now you have a solution to the question of what happens when projectors overheat, you can get rid of this problem and enjoy watching video content through this.