Where to put projector in bedroom?

It is doable to shop for a video projector and a screen for fewer than what you’d get for a comparable-size flat-panel TV. It is a monetary undeniable fact that has cost-conscious householders reconsidering their visual presentation.

There is only one problem: a two-piece projection system may be robust to integrate visually into a lounge, recreation room, and alternative areas.

To give the solution for the answer to where to put projector in bedroom, manufacturers have done an excellent job and streamlining the footprint of video projectors to assist them to mix in better.

Some will even be ordered in a very special color—but regardless of however you want it, a projector is suspended from the ceiling goes to signalize itself.

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Where to put projector in bedroom? Tips & Tricks

1. Customization of Projector Box

This is a well-liked go-to resolution of home theatre designers. It needs building a “box” (usually wooden) around the entire projector.

The picket housing is intended to match the remainder of the woodwork within the area. Therefore, additionally, the proper adjustment of the projector will add to viewers’ interest.

Whereas aside is an efficient concealment technique, it may be expensive to implement. Projectors generate quite a little bit of heat once they are operative.

Therefore, it is necessary that the site is well ventilated, and this generally needs the addition of cooling fans.

Also, confine your mind that the side ought to be designed with a door in order to be the machine that may be simply serviceable and get an answer for the question where to put projector in bedroom?

2. Build a Wall Around It

This measure is comparable to the side one, except that the housing is very cheap and open within the front.

Basically, it is a sort of a picket barrier around the perimeter of the projector, says Lance Anderson, a home system’s planimeter at Admit.

As a result of the housing which solely covers a little of the projector, there is no likelihood of warmth build-up that precludes the requirement for adding expensive cooling instrumentality as you would be with a completely closed-in corner area.

“Plus, if it is designed a number of inches of clearance around the projector, you will be able to upgrade to a replacement unit without fear that it will not work,” Anderson further added.

3. Pack it Behind the Wall

Where to put the projector in bedroom?

If there is a closet or a, for the most part, an unused area behind the rear wall of your media area, a video projector may be housed there.

The complete unit is going to be hidden with the exception of the lens system, which is able to shine through some associated perfectly sized holes that a home theatre designer will dig into the wall.

The projector can possibly be mounted getting ready to the ceiling in order that hole is going to be fairly obscure, usually integrated into the crown molding.

4. Hide it Behind the Screen

When most people consider a video projection system, they envision a video projector placed before the screen.

However, some systems enable you to position a video projector behind the screen.

known as rear-projection systems, they need a special screen and a few extra instrumentalities that permit a picture to basically be flipped so that it would appear properly on the screen.

You will like quite a little bit of open area behind the screen to deal with the projection gear; if your area is massive, you will even build a false wall to form an area.

5. Right Placement is Important

As long as it is of the acceptable size and shape, a piece of furniture can be used to house a video projector. like the side resolution, it should be ensured that there is adequate ventilation for warmth to flee.

6. Tuck the projector higher than the Ceiling

If you are an exponent of fictional character trickery, you will love this measure. Hooked up to a motorized mechanism specially designed for video projectors (check out Chief producing, Da-Lite, Draper, and Future Automation).

Then a  video projector will slowly descend from a door within the ceiling once you are able to watch a moving picture, elevate it and keep a copy into its activity spot once you are done.

You would like an area higher than the ceiling to form this work—such that the proportion depends on the scale of the projector and how it will help you elevate the movie.

Ventilation and cooling mechanisms may have to be added; of course, you will add power up higher than driving the motor. Once it is all the aforementioned and done, storage of the projector higher than the ceiling may be a labor-intensive and expensive task.

7. Think about a brief Throw Projector

Originally designed solely as a projection measure for conference rooms, short-throw projectors have become a viable resolution for media rooms because of recent advancements in technology and cosmetics. We have a list of projectors which are suitable for small rooms.

In contrast to business units, short-throw projectors are being designed to correspond to items of furnishings in order that they will sit and enter the opening simply by a number of inches from the front of the screen.

Best Loactions in a Bedroom:

  • Nightstand
  • Dressers
  • Bookshelf
  • Wardrobe
  • Table
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Window

How to Setup Projector in a Bedroom?

When placing a projector in your bedroom, there are a few things to take into account.

The projector placement is the first important consideration. Depending on how your room is set up and the size of your bed, you have a few alternatives.

You might want to put the projector on a nightstand or dresser if your bed is big.

You’ll be able to do this and watch TV or movies in the comfort of your bed. You might want to put the projector on a shelf or table if your bed is smaller.

As a result, you will have greater freedom in deciding where to put the projector and how to change its angle.

How you want to mount the projector is another issue to think about. Several options exist here as well, depending on the projector model you own.

You might be able to get away with utilising a straightforward tripod if you have a little, lightweight projector.

However, you’ll need to utilise a more robust mount if your projector is bigger and heavier.

Choose a mount that works with your projector from among the many options that are available.

Why is my projector yellow

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a projector be placed in a room’s corner?

If you want to change the shape of an image that is projected on a right-angled surface, such a rectangular pillar or the corner of a room, you can utilise the projector’s Corner Wall setting. Activate the projector and show a picture.

Can you project images on the ceiling?

The setup for projecting into the ceiling is quite simple compared to projecting to a wall or using a TV.

A TV stand and a blank wall are not necessary. You should be fine as long as your ceiling is painted a neutral shade similar to white and isn’t stucco or popcorn.


The above-mentioned context is very suitable for those confused about where to put projector in bedroom and the positioning of video projectors in their room.

After reading this article, such people will be hit by multiple ideas on placing the projectors. In short, this article will prove very much beneficial for technological experts.